Sean Tevis’ Modest Proposal on the Gun Control Debate

by Joey deVilla on January 17, 2013

Sean tevis at a shooting range

Sean Tevis at a shooting range. Click to see at full size.

My internet friend Sean Tevis, whom you may remember from his “300” campaign to run for Senate in Kansas and bring some much-needed sanity to their government

…has a proposal for the current debate on guns. It’s in the topmost photo in this post (click it to see it at a larger size), or read it below:

There’s been a lot of talk about how guns can be used to defend yourself.

So I went to a firing range.

It takes a surprising amount of time to load it and ready yourself to shoot.

Then, from 25 feet away, I hit the target twice. A stationary, non-moving, not-hiding-behind-things and trying-to-attack me kind of target.

But it was kind of…fun.

To my Pro-Gun friends, I have some advice. Drop the arguments about needing guns to protect yourself from bad guys. And also the dubious Founding fathers/defend-against-a-tyrannical-government scenarios like Red Dawn. These arguments make you seem crazy. Paranoid. Scary.

Instead, tell us why it’s fun. That you’ll do your best to make sure no one gets hurt. Then work with us to find ways to make America safe, secure and strong.

As a guy who believes that there is such a thing as responsible gun ownership — and as someone dating the world’s cutest NRA member — I think it’s worth considering what Sean’s saying.

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