Building Gorgeous Word Clouds with Wordle

by Joey deVilla on June 12, 2008

I’m having fun with Wordle, a web app that takes text you give it and turns it into gorgeous word clouds, where the size of the word is based on its frequency. Since talking about pretty pictures is akin to dancing about architecture, let me just show you some of Wordle’s output based on some of my favourite blog entries.

Here’s the Wordle-generated word cloud for my blog entry titled Worst Date Ever, Part 5:

Word cloud for the blog entry \"Worst Date Ever, Part 5\" generated by Wordle

With a change of font, Wordle created a very nice cloud for the story about Julie and Amanda, A Craigslist Wedding:

Word cloud for the blog entry \"A Craigslist Wedding\" generated by Wordle

And finally, here’s the Wordle-generated cloud for Assrockets and Opportunities, the essay behind my decision to leave a comfy job and go work at a startup:

Word cloud for the blog entry \"Assrockets and Opportunities\" generated by Wordle.

If you’ve got some text, go give Wordle a try!

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Senthil June 13, 2008 at 8:20 am

I did not get the point. Is it just useless graffiti??

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