Audio Advent Calendar #20: Two "Six Million Dollar Man" Christmas Adventures

by Joey deVilla on December 20, 2006

Audio Advent Calendar, December 20.

Yesterday, we had a 1980’s television high-tech hero save Christmas; today, let’s go back a decade farther and enjoy the Christmas-saving adventures of the 1970’s favourite high-tech hero: Colonel Steve Austin, better known as The Six Million Dollar Man!

In today’s offering, I’ve got two of four recordings of Steve Austin’s Christmas adventures. The first is The Toymaker, in which Steve thwarts the Russkies from getting their paws on a top-secret device. The second is the Kris Kringle Caper, Steve becomes a department store Santa Claus to thwart an espionage ring. What adventures!

The voice work is typical for a radio play; the guy playing th epart of Steve Austin sounds more like Jon Stewart doing his impression of George W. Bush. As for the “bionic” sound effects that were one of the show’s trademarks, they apparently couldn’t get their paws on the ones used on the TV series, so they came up with their own.

Here are the sound files:

I’ll post the other two files tomorrow! Enjoy!

Album cover for 'Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures'.

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