More About Those Japanese Doritos

by Joey deVilla on July 13, 2006

(The links in this article are slightly racy, so be warned.)

In the comments for the entry titled Exciting New Doritos Flavour!, a commenter going by the name of “manfire” explains that these characters (in the right column of Japanese writing on the Doritos bag pictured to the right):

read as denki anma.

As “manfire” says and a little Googling confirms, “denki anma” translates roughly as “a crotch noogie done with the foot” and it seems to be popular in the strange world of porn from the Land of the Rising Tentacle.

Doing a search for the term “denki anma” is an act for the brave, as it will lead you to many disturbing sites with even more disturbing imagery. Here’s one of the tamer images I found; I find it oddly reminiscent of the customer service at the Bell Mobility store at the Eaton Centre:

I still have no idea what those Doritos taste like.

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Anonymous July 13, 2006 at 8:58 am

denki anma can be literally translated as “electric massage”.

Anonymous July 16, 2006 at 4:26 am

Here you can see the nut nuggie in all its glory . . .}%8AO%8Fo%95%D2

scary shit.

Anonymous November 29, 2006 at 1:01 pm

My husband and I found Taitsu-kun and the Japanese Dorito advertising campaign last night — we spent several hours laughing SO hard I literally ended up with a headache and a good workout for my tummy muscles 😉

For more on the interesting ways things are pushed or inserted (no tentacles, but this is funnier) check out — it’s absolutely hysterical; an American in the JET program (teaching English in Japan) and his stories or editorials. He writes well, his pieces are so funny you will laugh out loud again and again… I will only say “Kancho” at this point, it’s even referenced in the with the guy’s name (Azrael, a black American guy, over 6 feet tall, and I guess the recipient of so many “Kancho assassins” because he’s so different from the people they’re used to… but you have to read his material, he has a flair for making one laugh so hard it can get painful. Forewarned 😉

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