66 "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book Covers

by Joey deVilla on March 13, 2006

Someone who goes by the handle of “bluechemist” posted this collection that takes me back to my youth: a composite scan of 66 covers from the old Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. I loved these books. They inspired the first computer game I ever wrote, New York Subway, my first serious foray into programming using the BASIC programming language as well as into telling tasteless jokes*. Really, really, really tasteless jokes (hey, I was 13). As my wife will tell you, I’m still programming and still telling tasteless jokes.

* No, the source code no longer exists in readable form: it’s on a TRS-80 cassette tape that has been lost to the ages.

Pictured below is a quick preview of the book covers. Click the image to see it at full size:

66 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book covers.

Bonus: Someone had the same idea I did and ran with it much farther. Brad: The Game is a very tasteless web game with all the Choose Your Own Adventure interactivity and all the New York Subway tastelessness (perhaps even more!). I’ve played it many times, and have ended up dead, joining the Greek Navy, found my pants and scored 72 times in a single night.

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