Even in the darkness, the accordion shines through

by Joey deVilla on August 19, 2003

From Saturday’s Globe and Mail:

Forced by the blackout to move away from the TV, everyone then had a chance to express their disdain for it. This is another common theory tonight. At a dimmed bar called the Village Idiot, a woman named Judith Coombe is listening to a man on an accordion sing an AC/DC song that includes the lyric, And I’ve got the biggest balls of them all. She likes the new darkness. “It’s so amazing. So quiet. It’s nice that people don’t have to watch TV or the Internet. It’s nice to force them to interact.” You also can’t get money, and you can’t spend money much of anywhere, except in a bar.

Thanks to this (unfortunately anonymous — hint, hint, powers that be at Blogware) commenter for pointing it out to me!

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