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Jerry’s gonna Jerry

The problem is that Jerry’s going to keep on Jerrying, because voting for Trump — or probable future presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who’s basically Trump with an attention span and malevolent competence — is actual identity politics, and the simple proof is all the merchandise that they buy, their performative parading about, and their willingness to pour money into the scam.

Remember that the Republican Party didn’t bother to come up with a platform in the last election because they didn’t need one. It’s more than enough for them to be the vessel for the grievances of people who were promised that they’d be at the top of the pecking order and promise to be the cudgel to beat those who they believe usurped them from that spot.

In the end, as Adam Serwer observed in the Atlantic article that grew into a book, The Cruelty is the Point.

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