Florida Fan

The Tampa Bay Lightning are a Florida Team, and as such, they have Florida Fans. I knew I could count on them to uphold the Sunshine State’s reputation for its locals making questionable choices, and the fan with the “Show me that butthole” cap didn’t let me down.

Better still, not only did he impress me with his choice of cap, but also the decision to leave the sticker on the brim — that’s the biggest power move since leaving the tag on your suit jacket sleeve!

Every time I write a post like this, someone (actually, it’s usually half a dozen or so someones) ends up asking me where they can get one. is your go-to for the “Show me that butthole” cap (which is sold out at the time of writing):

They also sell this wonderful slogan in koozie form.

Some fans were a little more subtle in their butt appreciation, such as the gentleman below, resplendent in his “Butt snorkeler” cap:

Again, before you ask: It’s available at That’s right, that’s an actual domain name and full-on e-commerce business:

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