Turning 25 this year: The Pixies’ “Doolittle”

pixies - doolittle

Here’s an album that turns 25 this year: The Pixies’ second studio album, Doolittle, released in April 1989. Here’s the whole album as a YouTube playlist, to help get your morning going.

Here’s the track listing for Doolittle:

  • “Debaser” – 2:52
  • “Tame” – 1:55
  • “Wave of Mutilation” – 2:04
  • “I Bleed” – 2:34
  • “Here Comes Your Man” – 3:21
  • “Dead” – 2:21
  • “Monkey Gone to Heaven” – 2:56
  • “Mr. Grieves” – 2:05
  • “Crackity Jones” – 1:24
  • “La La Love You” – 2:43
  • “No. 13 Baby” – 3:51
  • “There Goes My Gun” – 1:49
  • “Hey” – 3:31
  • “Silver” (Francis/Deal) – 2:25
  • “Gouge Away” – 2:45

If you’re looking for alternate, more raw versions of the song, here’s a compilation of the demos of the Doolittle songs:


Chinese New Year image #2: It’s good eatin’!

I’m a firm believer in the Chinese rule for food: anything with four legs that isn’t the table is fair game to cook and serve on a bed of rice.

Year of the Horse! Photo with overlay pointing out the cuts of meat on a horse: chuck, rib, short rib, short loin, sirloin, rump, round, and plate.

Remember, the easiest way to get your hands on horsey goodness is…

Bag of 'köttbullar', a.k.a. Swedish meatballs, from IKEA.

Conan O'Brien doing monologue: 'Traces of horsemeat have been discovered in IKEA's Swedish meatballs. Wow, it almost makes you want to stop taking your family to dinner at a furniture store.'

And let’s not forget the horsey universal mystery of Swedish meatballs, as put forth in Babylon 5:


Chinese New Year image #1: The proper term is “sex worker”

year of the whores

Click the photo to see the source.

Homonyms: a closed captioner’s worst enemy.

I suppose that this is a good time to include this Kids in the Hall clip…

…as well as this one (watch it until the end):


“Decisions were made”, the sequel

decisions were made

In case you missed part one, here it is.