“Praise Allah”: A Hard Spice to Sell These Days

Old print ad: "Everyone's a chef when they use Praise Allah - 'A treat for meat that's hard to beat'"

Once upon a time, the Arab world occupied a very different place in pop culture: a place of exotic locations (see Lawrence of Arabia, The Man Who Knew Too Much), décor (I Dream of Jeannie, a couple of Star Trek episodes) and as you can see from the ad above, tastes. I don’t think it would sell these days for the dual but diametrically opposed reasons of political correctness and xenophobia.

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First & 3rd job I had in the industry we used praise Allah, especially steaks, lots of butter and seasoning. Good stuff. Then because of armchair chefs they changed it to praise tiger and it wasn’t the same. But you can kinda make a good sub in garlic, onion powder, msg, and any specials flavors you want. Not same but works…and butter

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