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One Web Day

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Today, September 22nd, is One Web Day, the day on which we celebrate the awesomeness of the web and try to make it even better! As the One Web Day folks put it, think of it as “Earth Day for the Internet”.

Here in Accordion City, we’re having One Web Day Toronto, where there’ll be many independent events as well as a big one tonight at Cafe Taste (1330 Queen St West, at Brock) from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.. It will feature:

  • Talks by Us Now, Little Geeks, the Mozilla Foundation and my old company, the good guys of domains, Tucows!
  • Free wine, snacks, buttons and t-shirts
  • The “I Love the Web” poster wall to which you can add your own art
  • A used computer drop-off organized by Tucows and Little Geeks
  • General celebration of the World Wide Web, which we know and love (and without which I wouldn’t be me)

If you can make it, drop by Cafe Taste and celebrate the web, and if not, make sure you celebrate it wherever you are.

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3 replies on “One Web Day”

Imagine a web where microformats or RDFa were automatically inserted into blog posts to mark up events and locations so people could easily add to their calendar, add to their address book, or see in the viewer of their choice…

David Janes: That would be a pretty good web, and the thing is that it’s possible today — it’s just that we need to get people to actually make the slight changes necessary to blog platforms and blog editors to allow it.

I tried doing microformats by hand, and that lasted all of two posts.

Yes, and I tried to write a tool to do it and it didn’t really make life that easier either. What’s needed is psuedo-AI that can recognize that’s there’s an event – or one could give it a nudge – and then it would go add all the accoutrements needed to the blog post. If only there was a big company with deep pockets and lots of researchers looking to make a spash in the web world willing to do such a thing.

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