Face of Death: How Dudes Will Probably Die This Year

“Male death probabilities for 2008″ infographic, with data arranged to look like skull, small version

Here’s an infographic featuring counts of men in the United States who will die in 2008, broken down into various causes ranging from all types of cancer (about 308,000) to suicide (about 26,000) to HIV/AIDS (about 8,500).

“Male death probabilities for 2008″ infographic, with data arranged to look like skull
Image courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

The numbers are projections based on the CDC’s WONDER database. WONDER stands for “Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research”; it’s a collection of data that’s available to public health professionals and the public at large, boasting a wide array of public health information.

I had no idea that you were almost 3 times more likely to die from falling down stairs than from getting electrocuted. I should hang onto bannisters more often.

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it could have been better… the objects could be sized appropriately. that one shark attack is pretty big.

The shark attack happened last week, so I guess we can swim safely.
Mmmh, it makes sens, how often do you walk down stairs? and how often do you play with live wires? There you go.

Well we could save 48 lives by destroying all bees and spiders. And all we’d have to give up is bee vomit (honey) and dusting the corners where the cobwebs are. Science can probably come up with a nanobot to do the pollination thing. Sounds like a fair trade.

I am vaguely envious of the 270 that go out by alcohol poisoning.

@Chris Taylor: I can deal without cobwebs, but I want my bee vomit-garlic chicken wings and bee vomit-roasted peanuts!

As for the alcohol poisoning, I would have guessed that alcohol poisonings would outnumber falling-down-staircase deaths. Then again, many of those falling-down-staircase deaths were probably caused by alcohol!

What about terrorism? I thought there was some sort of “War on Terror”? Apparently, no men will die of terrorism in the US this year. I guess that means the War on Terror is over . . .

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