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Kickass Karaoke Tonight

Some of the nice people you’ll meet at Kickass Karaoke. Dorian, Carson (the host) and me.

Don’t forget that Kickass Karaoke takes place tonight at the Bovine Sex
(542 Queen Street West, just east of Bathurst). To catch a bit of
the flavour, check
out this video of the last Kickass Karaoke at the Bovine
[1 MB QuickTime] featuring Johnny O singing The Kinks’ Apeman and the Bovine “regulars” (regular attendees, not “regular” as in “average” or “normal”).

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thanks for posting the picture of me topless…and to all the women who’ve sent me emails, yes i am single…and no i’m not competing in the next mr. universe competition, but thank you for asking.

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