It Happened to Me

Heard at the convenience store yesterday

Two girls in Catholic school uniforms were purchasing a two-litre

bottle of ginger ale while I was buying beggies for salad at the

convenience store at Queen and John. From their conversation, they were apparently plotting some sort of clandestine alcoholic get-together.

I get the feeling that The Passion of the Christ is a popular meme

even with teens; one of them said to the other “Dude [yes, girls these

days call each other “Dude”], if my Mom finds out that I’ve got booze,

she’s gonna beat me like Jesus!”

Scourge, scourge, scourge. Maybe the movie should’ve been called The Bashin’ of the Christ.

Either that, or they should make Jesus a new character in X-Men 3. He can heal people, alter molecular structure and he’s got a much better healing factor than Wolverine!

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