The Jerk Knight

by Joey deVilla on September 8, 2010

I hate knock-knock jokes, but I love this one:

bad batman

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Kate Beaton’s Superhero Comics

by Joey deVilla on August 1, 2010

Kate “Hark! A Vagrant!” Beaton does great historical send-ups in her comics, but she’s ready to tackle all sorts of subjects, including superheroes:

kate beaton superheroes

Click the comic to see it at full size, or click here to see it on its original page.

This isn’t her only foray into superhero spoofing; she’s going to be one of the artists featured in the upcoming Marvel Strange Tales, along with many alternative, underground, indie and web cartoonists. Congrats, Kate!



Dork Shelf, a blog devoted to Toronto and nerd culture points to’s collection of photos of guys in so-bad-they’re-good Wolverine costumes. My favourite one is Jewish Wolverine, complete with adamantium menorah claws.

If you’re looking for costumed adventurers who really are “from the Tribe” (such as Kitty Pryde, mentioned recently in this blog entry), look no farther than Comic Book Religion’s catalogue of Jewish superheroes. The oddest one is “The Acidic Jew”, whose touch can dissolve anything.