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I’ll Admit It, I Laughed (Part 2)

by Joey deVilla on October 7, 2011

"Most Interesting Man in the World" says "I don't always have sex with Spanish Star Trek fans, but when I do, I prefer DOS TREKKIES"


“Star Trek: The Next Generation”, Deconstructed

by Joey deVilla on March 24, 2010

The comic below, created by John Campbell, is a snarky but amusing deconstruction of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

John Campbell's comic, skillfully decosntructing Star TrekI always found it funny that the “empathic” character Deanna Troi had the power to sense plainly obvious emotions and painful that they had to explain bits of human behaviour that one should’ve picked up by the end of adolescence. That being said, much of the show’s audience was teenage boys, and teens often figure out the world through stories, so why not explain that stuff? And as someone much wiser than me once said, science fiction is a sandwich: once you’ve gotten past the bread of aliens and future tech and the thin slices of plot meat, it’s all about the thick moral mayo.

The last panels in this comic had me laughing out loud, especially since I imagined the line as delivered by actor (and dater-of-inapproriately-young-women, the lucky bastard) Patrick Stewart himself, using that William. Shatner. Mode. Of. Delivery.

In case it’s not apparent who the comic figures are, here’s a quick guide…

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Comic and TV representations of Jean-Luc Picard


Commander William Riker

Comic and TV representations of Will Riker


Lt. Commander Data

Comic and TV representations of Data


Lt. Commander Deanna Troi

Comic and TV representations of Deanna Troi

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Behind the Scenes at “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

by Joey deVilla on January 26, 2010

Denise Crosby ("Tasha Yar") leans up against the Enterprise-D's tactical station between shots

For those of you who are fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, there are some lovely “behind the scenes” shots of the cast and crew on the TrekCore site. I’ve posted a couple of my favourites here.

A very young-looking Johnathan Frakes ("Will Riker") poses beside an upside-down model of the Enterprise-D

LeVar Burton ("Geordi LaForge"), Michael Dorn ("Worf"), Wil Wheaton ("Wesley Crusher") and Marina Sirtis ("Deanna Troi") in the dressing room

Michale Dorn ("Worf") reads "Yachts for Sale" magazine

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The “Spock, Paper, Scissors” T-Shirt

by Joey deVilla on January 4, 2010

The T-shirt of the day at Tee Fury is sure to be a big hit fans of Star Trek and classic games. It’s the “Spock, Paper, Scissors” shirt:

Powder blue and slate versions of the "Spock, Paper, Scissors" T-shirt

Here’s a closer look at the design:

Close-up of the design: hand-drawn illustrations of Mr. Spock, a sheet of line 3-hole paper and a pair of scissors

The shirt sells for US$9 plus shipping. It comes in two versions:

  • Men’s: Slate blue, in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL
  • Women’s: Powder blue, in sizes S, M, L, XL

If you want it, you’ve got until the end of the day today (Monday, January 4th) to place an order. Once the day ends, Tee Fury will retire the design from production.

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Nerd Hip-Hop Collection

by Joey deVilla on October 17, 2009

Brett Domino

British uberpopnerd Brett Domino elevates hip-hop to a whole new level with a medley of Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang, Jump Around by House of Pain and Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s Boom! Shake the Room, equipped with only two “Stylos” and a microphone:


Klenginem is a German guy who does Eminem numbers – in tlhIngan Hol, which you might know better as “Klingon”. Qapla’!

Kate "AlpineKat" McAlpine

I can’t talk about nerd hip-hop without bringing up Kate "AlpineKat" McAlpine, the science communicator/rapper behind the Large Hadron Collider Rap, which explains what the Large Hadron Collider is and why it was made:


These Guys Know Their Audience

by Joey deVilla on May 21, 2009

Here’s a photo of the current selection of movies at the cinema near “Hah-vahd Square”. I think I’d enjoy all three films as a movie marathon:

Loews Harvard Square marquee showing the movies "Angels and Demons", "Star Trek" and "Rocky Horror"

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