The X-Men’s Room

by Joey deVilla on August 25, 2011

Men's room sign with standing man figure and wheelchair figure altered so that the standing man has Wolverine's head and claws. A letter 'X' was placed before 'MEN'. The wheelchair figure makes a natural Professor Charles Xavier.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this.

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Brian Alkerton holds up Matthew 'The Oatmeal' Inman's comic, 'Explosive poopies of joy'.

Brian Alkerton, stand-up comic, karaoke wizard and Shopify Guru — the Gurus are a team that help customers succeed with their online shops — is a travellin’ man this week. He was in Boston earlier, and now he’s in Seattle to attend the PAX conference. He’s also doing some remote work and today, he held “office hours” at the legendary Top Pot Doughnuts on 5th Avenue (a stone’s throw from Hotel Five), which is a great place to get some coffee and delicious toroidal baked goods; it’s also a pretty decent place to get some work done.

While there, Matthew Inman, the twisted comics artist behind The Oatmeal (and Shopify customer) dropped by to chat with Brian. He also gave Brian a wonderfully and disturbingly Oatmeal-esque comic with the caption “Shopify gives me explosive poopies of joy.”

Personally, I think it’s all the fiber — his comic is The Oatmeal, after all — but it’s nice to see that we have another scatologically satisfied customer.

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Erika Moen’s Comics and Shopify

by Joey deVilla on May 11, 2011

We Shopifolks like to travel far and wide. While I was off in Minneapolis for MinneBar, my developer advocate teammate David Underwood was in Toronto attending TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. While there, he met Erika Moen, the comic artist behind the autobiographical DAR ("A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary")…


and her current comic, Bucko, a delightfully twisted murder mystery:


When David told her that he worked at Shopify (in fact, he and I started on the same day), she told us that she loved us. And not just by saying so, but also with an autographed comic book, which is now sitting in the Shopifort:

Autographed copy of Erika Moen's

Why does Erika love Shopify? Because she has a Shopify store! She sells her comic books, prints, posters and other art on a store she built with Shopify:

Screenshot of Erika Moen's Shopify store

Go check out Erika’s site, read her comics and buy her stuff! And if you’ve got your own comics (or anything else) that you want to sell online, sell them with Shopify!

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.

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The Jerk Knight

by Joey deVilla on September 8, 2010

I hate knock-knock jokes, but I love this one:

bad batman

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Kate Beaton’s Superhero Comics

by Joey deVilla on August 1, 2010

Kate “Hark! A Vagrant!” Beaton does great historical send-ups in her comics, but she’s ready to tackle all sorts of subjects, including superheroes:

kate beaton superheroes

Click the comic to see it at full size, or click here to see it on its original page.

This isn’t her only foray into superhero spoofing; she’s going to be one of the artists featured in the upcoming Marvel Strange Tales, along with many alternative, underground, indie and web cartoonists. Congrats, Kate!


East Coast Literature

by Joey deVilla on July 8, 2010

Here’s an amusing comic that some of you from the Maritimes might appreciate: East Coast Literature, a quick comic exercise by Halifax-based cartoonist Kate Beaton, who’s behind the webcomic Hark, a Vagrant!

Kate Beaton's comic, "East Coast Literature"

Someone on a site I frequent was immediately reminded of the same thing I was – the Working Class Playwright skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus:


Kate Beaton’s Take on “Macbeth”

by Joey deVilla on May 2, 2010

Earlier, I pointed you to comic artist Kate Beaton’s take on The Great Gatsby. Here’s her latest comic, which does the same wonderful job on Macbeth:

Kate Beaton's comic, "The Scottish Play"

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