That’s One Awesome Car

by Joey deVilla on May 19, 2010

email and bacon


Coming Soon to a Cafe Near You

by Joey deVilla on May 6, 2010

Bottle of Torani bacon flavouring syrup

You read that right: Torani bacon syrup. Their site suggests that you use it in:

  • Manhattans (paging David Crow!)
  • Milkshakes
  • Old Fashioneds
  • Bloody Marys

When I see a Torani bottle, I think of a cafe. I might need to order a baconccino!


Bacon Pancakes!

by Joey deVilla on May 2, 2010

This looks like a pretty nice way to start the day…

Pancakes made by pouring batter onto frying bacon


Slice of Life: Bacon Covered with Chocolate

by Joey deVilla on September 4, 2009

There was one unhealthy food item at the CNE that I didn’t order:

Food stall on the Midway at the CNE: "Bacon covered with Chocolate sold here"


Bacon Pops!

by Joey deVilla on April 28, 2009

Bacon pops: lollipops made of goat cheese rolled in bacon and herbs

Bacon Pops sound like a tasty hors d’ouevre: goat cheese lollipops, rolled in herbs, pecans and…bacon! I’ve gotta make these sometime.

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Bacon Explosion!

by Joey deVilla on January 28, 2009


The New York Times has a story on a tasty-looking dish called the Bacon Explosion, which is made by weaving strips of raw bacon into a mat, covering the bacon mat with a layer of sausage and then a crunchy layer of cooked bacon, then rolling it up.