Glenn Beck, Voice of Reason

by Joey deVilla on May 5, 2010

Memo to John McCain: When Glenn freakin’ Beck sounds more reasonable than you, something is seriously wrong.

In case you needed a reminder of Glenn Beck’s usual level of reasonableness, here’s a collection of his greatest hits:


The Best TV Ad Ever?

by Joey deVilla on May 4, 2010

How’d I miss this gem — a TV ad for Cullman Liquidation, who sell mobile housing?

This line from the ad is pure bad-ass:

A bouncer in Birmingham hit me in the face with a crescent wrench five times and my wife’s boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post. So if you don’t buy a trailer from me, it ain’t gonna hurt my feelings. So come on down to Cullman Liquidation and get yourself a home. Or don’t. I don’t care.

Celebrated film director Errol Morris calls this – and apparently without irony — “the best commercial ever made” and says “I should be so lucky as to achieve this level of excellence.”

The ad became a big YouTube hit, requiring Cullman’s saleswoman to make this video:



by Joey deVilla on April 26, 2010

Screen capture from Twitter: "Hi, Joey deVilla. Karl Rove (KarlRove) is now following your tweets on Twitter."


Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Tea Party Ghost

by Joey deVilla on March 22, 2010

Given that the United States’ health care reform bill has passed, I thought it would be a good time to share this great “Scooby-Doo” parody created by Terrence Nowicki:

Comic: The Mystery of the Tea Party Ghost

Nowicki even included a bonus comic:

Next time: Scooby and the gang unmask Glenn Beck. "He's not really a journalist!"

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Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans

by Joey deVilla on February 24, 2010

At the start of every Olympic games, there’s always an extended news piece – if you can call anything under 10 minutes “extended” – describing the host country to the viewers. The 2010 Winter Olympics is no exception, and in this video, NBC’s Tom Brokaw introduces American viewers to us, their neighbours to the north. In his voice-over, Brokaw says:

In the long history of sovereign neighbours, there never has been a relationship as close, productive and peaceful as the U.S. and Canada.

Speaking as the husband of a very lovely American woman and an employee (and most prominent blogger) of the Canadian subsidiary of an American multinational corporation, I’m inclined to agree.


Happy American Thanksgiving!

by Joey deVilla on November 26, 2009

Hey, American readers! Whether you celebrate with the smooth flavour of Camel cigarettes as shown in the ad below or if you’re one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks smoking is bad for you, I’d like to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

(Can’t read the text in the ad below? Click it to see it at full size.)

Old ad showing how Camel cigarettes are an important part of Thanksgiving dinner


Clipping from Fox News site: "GOP SWEEP: McDonnell cruises to victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race as Christie upsets incumbent Gov. Corzine in New Jersey; Democrat Owens takes closely watched NY congressional seat."

Two out of three races is pretty good, but it’s not a sweep.