An ultralight pilot had to cut his flight short when he found that his flying club’s cat mascot had stowed away in the wing. It’s all captured in the video above, titled Remove Cat Before Flight.

The flight starts out as expected: smooth takeoff and a climb to altitude…


…and that’s when a little head appears in the hollow space inside the ultralight’s left wing:


The cat moves closer to the cabin…


…and that’s when the pilot discovers that he has a stowaway.


He quickly comes in for a landing…


…hops out of his seat…


…reaches to extract the cat…


…but it turns out that the cat is quite capable of freeing himself.


The caption for the video reads: “Pour info le chat va très bien, il continue avec application son rôle de mascotte du club”, which translates as “FYI, that cat’s fine, he remains the club’s mascot.”


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

by Joey deVilla on June 21, 2015


I inherited a lot of Dad’s qualities. He loved to speak in public, work the room, tell jokes and stories, and hold court. He was driven to set things right and make things better. He loved helping people. And most of all, he loved putting the “Asian” in “Rabelaisian”. He was Dr. Guillermo O’Hara de Villa, Jr., he was my Dad, and I owe what I am to him. He passed away in 2006, but he’s still with us in spirit.

Happy father’s day, Dad.


How I cook pasta

by Joey deVilla on June 11, 2015

pasta and me

I don’t have this problem with rice, because I measure that stuff.


christpoher lee villains

Christopher Lee’s many villain roles: Count Dooku and Saruman (top row), and Scaramanga and Lord Summerisle from The Wicker Man (bottow row).

R.I.P. Christopher Lee, wonderfully evil movie villain, who recently died at the age of 93. You younger folks know him as Count Dooku from Star Wars: The Lesser Trilogy and Saruman from the Lord of the Rings films (he’s the only LOTR cast member to have actually met Tolkien), but he’s been a movie villain for far longer. He played characters like Dracula and Fu Manchu long before the age of CGI, and you should check him out as a superfluously-nippled Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun (which was referenced in the Kamp Krusty Simpsons episode) and virgin-sacrificing pagan in The Wicker Man, which he considered to be his best film.

In tribute to him, here’s the scene from The Wicker Man where we get introduced to Lee’s character, Lord Summerisle:


It’s National Iced Tea Day!

by Joey deVilla on June 10, 2015

ice cube ice-t dispensers

Happy National Iced Tea Day! We’ve had hot tea for centuries, but we had to wait for readily-available ice — first provided by ice harvesters, and later via refrigeration — for iced tea to become a popular summer drink. Whether you enjoy it as actual tea poured over ice or as “sweet tea” as we call it down here (actually sugar water with just enough tea to give it a brown color), today’s its day. I’m going to celebrate as I hunker down with some of the real stuff over client work at my local tea shop, Kaleisia, later this afternoon.

iced tea yard

As you enjoy an iced tea, be sure to check out this NPR piece: As American as Iced Tea: A Brief, Sometimes Boozy, History.


Scenery #1

by Joey deVilla on June 8, 2015

Outside the house: the sun’s starting to set.


Inside the house: dinner’s almost done.



system is running normally

The scene this morning at Spadina subway station.
Photo by Antonio Gomez-Palacio (@aurbanist). Click to to see the original.

The TTC has announced that all trains are back up and running. Get moving, Toronto working stiffs! Be advised that there will still be some “residual delays”.

This article was originally titled Toronto friends: The subways are down, expect a terrible morning commute. The original body appears below.

Toronto’s public transit system — the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) — has announced that the radio system and even the backup radio system used to communicate with the subway trains is out of commission. Without working communications, they decided to shut down the trains until the problem is resolved. If you live in Toronto, you might want to hold off your commute and keep an eye on the official TTC Twitter account. Remember that even if you drive to work, a subway outage means terrible traffic on the streets (and Tampa folks, our terrible transit system, coupled with urban non-engineering is why our traffic is terrible).

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