clark hall pub

These were all on heavy rotation during the early ’90s, when I had a regular DJ gig at Crazy Go Nuts University’s Clark Hall Pub. When you’re done going through BuzzFeed’s 38 Great Alt-Rock Songs You Haven’t Thought About in 20 Years, go through this list! This one’s a little heavier on the Canadian content.

Soho: Hippychick

I’m actually surprised more songs didn’t use Smiths samples.

Bootsauce: Masterstroke

Montreal-based Bootsauce were wonderful, and yet so underappreciated.

Shamen: Move Any Mountain

Rob Bolton, a.k.a. DJ Ozone, this one’s for you!

Primus: Tommy the Cat

Long before the did the South Park theme, Primus were kicking out some very odd tunes. It’s kind of hard to believe they opened for U2. This one’s for Terry.

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: Television: Drug of the Nation

Michael Franti would eventually form Spearhead. This one goes out to Colonel Brad!

KMFDM: Godlike

AWWW YISSS. One of my signature DJ tunes at Clark Hall Pub. Somehow, I conned Queen’s engineers into becoming industrial music fans.

KMFDM: Virus

Gotta love KMFDM.

They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in Your Soul

This one always filled the dance floor.

Right Said Fred: I’m Too Sexy

This song has deep personal meaning for me. Here’s the English version…

…and here’s the version they did in (poorly translated) Spanish:

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien: Mistadobalina

This one’s for Stacy Dillon, who always requested it.

Black Sheep: The Choice is Yours

“Engine, engine number nine, on the New York subway line…”

Smashing Pumpkins: Rhinoceros

This one’s off Gish, a beautiful album from start to finish.

Me Mom and Morgenthaler: Laura

Also from Montreal, and a great (and once again, underappreciated) ska act.

Killing Joke: Millennium

After years on hiatus, Killing Joke came back — and sounding like the bands who cite them as an influence.

Nirvana: On a Plain

It’s not an early 1990s Clark Hall Pub list without a Nirvana song! Here’s one that deserved more play.

Spirit of the West: Home for a Rest

Often the last song of the night, this one got everyone going.

Ministry: Jesus Built My Hotrod

This isn’t a dance floor. It’s a mosh pit! This one’s the “Redline/Whiteline” version, a.k.a. The One True Version of this song.

Prong: Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

I still play this every now and again. It’s good “get chores done” music.

The Pixies: U-Mass

Our band, Volume, covered this one — and quite nicely, I think.

The Breeders: Cannonball

Kim Deal before her downward spiral.

The Cult: The Witch

Another track that our band, Volume, covered.

House of Pain: Jump Around

We cared about only two of their songs, but what songs they were.

Messiah: Temple of Dreams

This one’s for Anne Yourt, who loved this song.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin: Kill Your Television

This one’s for George.

Charlatans UK: The Only One I Know

The 1991 track that help kickstart the “Madchester” sound.

Blur: There’s No Other Way and Girls and Boys

And now, some pre-Song 2 Blur.

Ween: Push Th’ Little Daisies

I’ll close with the song that best sums up my academic career.

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35 degrees in Tampa — almost, but close enough.

by Joey deVilla on July 18, 2014

35 degrees in tampa

It won’t quite hit 35 degrees (Celsius; that’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit) in Tampa today — the expected high is a mere 32°C/90°F — but that’s no excuse not to post this classic Kids in the Hall sketch titled 35 Degrees in Tampa:

I also think that Bruce McCulloch’s character is wrong and that there’s potential in “Soup in a Bag”.

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samurai terror

First, let me say that I’m both surprised and delighted by the existence of a place called “The Venture Compound” here in Accordion Bay (if you’re a Venture Brothers fan, you’re probably delighted too). From what I can tell, it’s equal parts concert venue, art gallery, and gathering place for people from my home planet. I’m going to have to make a trek out there sometime soon.

I can’t make it tonight, but if you’re in striking distance of St. Petersburg, you might want to check out tonight’s event at the Venture Compound: the Florida premiere screening of the so-B-movie-it-hurts film Samurai Terror, complete with a Q&A with its director, G. R. Parker. It’s about a boy, a girl, and a 600-year-old zombie killer samurai:

The Samurai mayhem starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. at The Venture Compound, located at 2621 Fairfield Avenue South in St. Petersburg. Suggested donation for admittance is a mere five bucks.


Night shot of Tampa Museum of Art, taken from the video

Shot from a quadcopter by Tampa-based Ben Bradley of Right Hand Films, this video shows downtown Tampa from angles most of us never see. Featured in the video are Hillsborough River, Curtis Hixon Park, the Tampa Museum of Art, and Rivergate Tower – a.k.a. the Sykes Building and the Beer Can – which looks surprisingly good in the video (it looks like a bureaucratic building from a low-budget sci-fi dystopian movie).

I may have to try my own low-budget version of this sort of filming. I’ve been thinking about using a kite and an old, lightweight videocamera that I wouldn’t mind losing — my 2010-era Microsoft-issued Mino Flip HD might do the trick.

You might also want to look at these excerpts from a promotional video that he shot, which is made up of some lovely shots of Tampa Convention Center and the nearby Embassy Suites building.

Found via Dive In Tampa Bay.


final life with archie

You’ve probably heard that Archie Andrews, the red-headed teenager who’s had his own comics since the 1940s, is going to be killed off. It’s more accurate to say that the versions of Archie in one of his comic books, Life With Archie, are going to die, while the rest will live on.

archie races to the defense

From 1958 to 1991, Life With Archie was a book that featured longer, more dramatic stories featuring Archie and friends in different scenarios: as a sort of “Scooby Gang” who foiled thieves and ghosts, as secret agents, and even as superheroes. The book was revived in 2010 and focuses solely on a grown-up Archie in two different post-university universes: one in which he married Betty, and another in which he married Veronica. In these comics, things aren’t as light as the Archie comics of yore: everyone is affected by the recession (except Veronica, of course), Archie’s career isn’t going anywhere, and there’s a lot of “am I with the person I’m supposed to be with?” angst. It’s more soap operatic than your typical Archie fare.

In both universes, Archie will die while trying to stop a stalker from shooting Kevin Keller, a relatively recently-added character who’s a senator and openly gay. Archie may not have dress sense (he’s an adult now, and he’s wearing high-top sneakers with a suit), but he more than makes up for it by trying to do the right thing, even if it costs him his life.

archie takes the bullet

This is pretty dark stuff for Archie comics, but it’s not the first time that Archie’s been in the line of fire. For that, you have to go back about 20 years to August 1994, when Archie Comics and Marvel Comics took a joke suggestion and made it real with the release of one of the most unlikely cross-publishing crossovers in comics: Archie Meets the Punisher (as released by Archie Comics), a.k.a. The Punisher Meets Archie (as released by Marvel):

archie punisher covers

Click on the image to see the covers at full size.

You can be forgiven if you haven’t heard of The Punisher:

amazing spider-man 129

Introduced in 1974 in The Amazing Spider-Man #129, the Punisher is Frank Castle (born Castiglione), a vigilante who’s driven by the death of his family in a mob shootout to wage a one-man war on organized crime. He was after Spider-Man, who’d been framed for the murder of Norman Osborn, his friend Harry Osborn’s father. Unlike most characters in books approved by the Comics Code Authority, the Punisher was a vicious, remorseless killer had no qualms about threats, brutality, coercion or torture. He’d later realize that Spider-Man was innocent, and would go on to team up with characters like Captain America and Daredevil, as a sort of dark foil. Given the amount of attention that Marvel’s more obscure characters have been getting on movie and TV screens — Sif in the Thor movies and Agents of SHIELD, Thanos at the end of the Avengers movie, Bolivar Trask, Blink, and Spyke in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and all of the Guardians of the Galaxy — you’d think that the Punisher, a guy without powers but a helluva lot of guns, would find a place in the present-day Marvel Cinematic Universe (he’s been featured in movies that are better forgotten).

As one of the early brooding anti-heroes in comics, and thanks to the success of 1980s  “grim and gritty” comic series like the 1982 Wolverine series and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, the Punisher became a hot comic in the hyperviolent, Wolverine/Batman-wannabe comics of the 1990s. So an Archie cross-over was inevitable!

Archie Meets the Punisher/The Punisher Meets Archie opens with “Red”, a notorious drug dealer with more than a passing resemblance to Archie (you know where this is going already, don’t you?), looking for a place to lay low. Where better than the Archie comics setting of Riverdale, the last, nicest small town in America?

archie meets the punisher 01

When he arrives in Riverdale, Red gets chummy with the richest man in town, who just happens to be Veronica’s dad, Mr. Lodge. Lodge introduces Red to his daughter, who’s taken aback by his resemblance to her sort-of-boyfriend:

archie meets the punisher 02

Earlier, Archie had screwed up a date with Veronica. She sees an opportunity to make him jealous and invites Red as her date to the school dance. The comic and everyone in it decide to ignore the age difference between the two.

Meanwhile, the Punisher and his hacker/technician sidekick, Microchip (I know, I know…), have followed Red to Riverdale. Normally, the Punisher would simply kill Red, but the feds have cut a deal with him: he’s to capture Red alive, as he’s got valuable information about the drug trade on the entire east coast. They walk about town looking for clues of his whereabouts, noting how different Riverdale is from their usual grim and gritty surroundings:

archie meets the punisher 03

Jughead and Archie are at Pop Tate’s Chok’lit Shoppe, where Archie is drowning his sorrows (in milkshakes, of course) over not going to the dance with either Betty or Veronica. Men claiming to be federal agents step into the shop — they’re really after Red, presumably to make sure that he doesn’t squeal. They hustle Archie and Jughead into their car…

archie meets the punisher 04

A high-speed chase and shootout ensues, with Archie and Jughead diving out of the car before it crashes. The Punisher, thinking he’s got his quarry, takes a closer look and realizes that he hasn’t captured Red, just some high school kid who looks a lot like him. At this point, we’re given this panel, which summarizes the entire comic:

archie meets the punisher 05

There’s another shootout between the Punisher and the fake g-men, and Archie and Jughead use this opportunity to escape and make their way to the dance. Punisher discovers that the fake g-men were on their way to the dance to kill Red, so he too heads there.

We jump to the dance, where we find Red, Archie, and hit men dressed up as caterers. Enter the Punisher, and along with him, the expected mayhem. That’s not enough to stop Riverdale’s resident nerd, Dilton Doiley, from providing a scientific observation:

archie meets the punisher 06

Red kidnaps Veronica and escapes in the fracas, and Archie and the Punisher properly meet:

archie meets the punisher 07

When two titular characters get together like this in the comics, it means only one thing: team-up! Our heroes set up a base of operations in Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe. Seeing that the Punisher has a war journal, Archie decides to start one too:

archie meets the punisher 08

Putting their minds together, the Punisher duo and the Archie gang figure out where Red is holding Veronica. The Punisher also receives some interesting information…

archie meets the punisher 09

…and he reveals it when they confront Red: one of the gunmen at the dance has the same information that Red does. The Punisher no longer has to bring in Red alive!

archie meets the punisher 10

If this were a Punisher comic, dealing with Red would be a simple matter of shooting him many, many, many times. Since this is an Archie comic, it’s Archie who bumbles and saves the day, bumping into Red and causing him to be lashed to a large hot air balloon:

archie meets the punisher 11

With justice served, the Punisher duo and Riverdale gang say their goodbyes, and we’re left with the possibility of another Marvel/Archie crossover:

archie meets the punisher 12

You can see a more complete version of Archie Meets The Punisher/The Punisher Meets Archie on Scans Daily.

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tsa - district of columbia

A TSA agent at Orlando International Airport is the latest example of the many problems with the organization, after he failed to realized that a TV journalist Justin Gray’s District of Columbia driver’s license was an American ID. When Gray presented his driver’s license, the TSA agent asked to see his passport. Gray, who was flying domestically, didn’t have his passport and asked why it was required. A short — and presumably painful — conversation later, it became clear to Gray that the agent had no idea what the District of Columbia, also known as Washington D.C., the country’s capital, was.

How do you not know that D.C. is in America? Anyone who’s seen an American spy or adventure movie or TV show — even non-Americans — know about Washington, D.C. is.

white house in id4

It only gets car-chaed through or shot up or blown up in every other action flick.

Gray didn’t waste this new story opportunity, which features Douglas Kidd of the National Association of Airline Passengers, who says what anyone who’s gone through security already knows about the TSA: “They simply have not been either applying or maintaining standards for good personnel.”

In light of the incident, the TSA say that they’ve circulated pictures of District of Columbia ID to its agents. They may do well to show them this classic Animaniacs song while they’re at it:


crazy drunk russian street fighters

What happens when you take a video of two Russian guys who are so drunk that they’re barely able to stand, and overlay it with images, sounds, and music from the classic Street Fighter videogames? Pure comedy gold. Watch it below:

If this were a videogame, I’d definitely play it.

Found via Laughing Squid.