The world’s smallest, saddest lunch

by Joey deVilla on June 19, 2019


Seen on the clearance shelf at my local Publix. The $20 bill is there to provide a sense of size (or lack thereof).


Agustin Alanis and the tickets from his many Avengers: Endgame tickets.
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I’m going to break from my usual theme for “Florida of the Day”, because this story does not involve inappropriate nudity, Trailer Park Boys-level criminality, intoxicants, or generally poor life choices that make a story a Florida Story. Instead, it’s about a guy who loves the film Avengers: Endgame so much that he’s seen it at his local theater at least 120 times (he’s aiming for 200), and he’s not stopping until it’s off the big screens.

He doesn’t fit the typical “Florida Man” profile. When he’s not watching Avengers: Endgame, he works 10 – 12 hour days at his family’s construction company, and when he’s not doing that, he’s a competitive athlete.  And when he’s not doing that, he attends Comic Cons wearing the jersey of the Tigres (a Mexican soccer team whose name translates at “Tigers”). He’s well-known enough for doing this at comics conventions that actor Anthony Mackie (who plays the Sam Wilson, a.k.a. the Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films), gave him the nickname “El Tigre Vengador” — The Tiger Avenger:

At the time of writing, the official Guinness record is held by Anthony Mitchell, who’s seen the movie 103 times. Alanis has contacted Guinness about his viewings, but they have yet to issue a judgement.

As a recently-converted Tampeño and a lifelong Marvel Comics reader (who never though that Falcon, Ant-Man, or Rocket Raccoon would be household names), I’m rooting for Agustin Alanis to bring the record to Tampa Bay. I salute you with a Cuban sandwich on a flaming sword, sir!

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I saw this on the back of a truck earlier today, and it gave me a chuckle. Floridians are notorious for not using turn signals:


Thanks to Anna Filina for the find!


No assembly required

by Joey deVilla on May 16, 2019


I agree with Sophie A. Lewis, who came up with the Peterson observation about this passage from a veterinarian textbook.


Thanks to Anne Stibor for the find!