More on America and the metric system

by Joey deVilla on February 26, 2015

To this day, one of the most-visited articles on this blog is one from 2008, titled Countries That Don’t Use the Metric System, which points out that there are only three: Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States.

Since it’s from the era when George W. Bush was president, I ended the article with this smart-ass quip: “I say we let them get some decent governments first, then worry about getting them on the metric system.” I believe it’s that line that got the article all that attention, and all the back-and-forth fighting in the comments section.

If you like partaking in debates about the metric system, you might find this passage from the novel Wild Thing by Josh Bazell interesting:


I should pick up this book!


Sign of the day

by Joey deVilla on February 24, 2015




vito barbieri

Earlier today, during a debate on legislating abortion, Idaho representative Vito Barbieri asked if a woman can swallow a small camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the Associated Press’ story:

The question Monday from Republican state Rep. Vito Barbieri came as the House State Affairs Committee heard nearly three hours of testimony on a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication through telemedicine.

Dr. Julie Madsen was testifying in opposition to the bill when Barbieri asked the question. Madsen replied that would be impossible because swallowed pills do not end up in the vagina.

“Fascinating. That makes sense,” Barbieri said, amid the crowd’s laughter.

These guys have such a terrible track record with women that they should be given standard-issue talking points and refer anything more complex tham “boys have wee-wees and girls have cha-chas” to designated spokespeople. It would save them a lot of embarrassment.

There’s more at Think Progress, and in the meantime, here’s a quick recap of the digestive system, in case you’re a bit rusty or Republican.


Most people marry someone the same age…

by Joey deVilla on February 23, 2015

marriage ages

Click the graph to see it at full size.

…but then again, I am not most people. Where the Future Missus and I are on this graph is left as an exercise for the reader.

Graph found at dadaviz.


mama said knock you out

This is amazing: it’s German techno DJ Flula Borg‘s cover of LL Cool J’s 1990 hit, Mama Said Knock You Out, with Mama sayin’, and Papa doing the baseline on the squeezebox. Hang out with me and you too can have moments like this:

This is pure Teutonic weirdness at its finest.


One item off the to-do list

by Joey deVilla on February 23, 2015

seating chart

Click the photo to see it at full size.

T minus 12 days…


The Pixies are coming to Tampa: Saturday, May 9th!

by Joey deVilla on February 23, 2015

pixies coming to accordion bay

I’ll let the Tampa Bay Times do the talking:

Did you miss the Pixies as they criss-crossed the U.S. these last two years? The band is ready to make good on all the spots they missed, so they’ve announced a new North America tour for 2015, which includes a previously announced May 9 stop at Tampa’s Big Guava Festival.

The Pixies will continue to tour with founding member Kim Deal. The current lineup is Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and touring bassist Paz Lenchantin. The band also plans to debut some new Pixies songs for this time from material written in the last few months.

A fan-only pre-sale starts at 9 a.m. EST on Feb. 25 at (Use the pre-sale ticket password snakes.) General on-sale tickets for this run go on sale to the public Feb. 27. More dates are expected later, but here’s the lineup so far.

  • May 5: Civic Theatre, New Orleans, LA
  • May 6: Iron City, Birmingham, AL
  • May 8: Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta, GA
  • May 9: Big Guava Festival, Tampa, FL
  • May 11: PAC, North Charleston, SC
  • May 12: Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC
  • May 13: The Norva, Norfolk, VA
  • May 15: Louisville Palace, Louisville, KY
  • May 17: Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland, OH
  • May 19: Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, NY
  • May 21: Flynn P.A. Center, Burlington, VT
  • May 22: Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY
  • May 24: Boston Calling, Boston, MA
  • May 27: Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
  • May 28: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
  • June 18-21: Amnesia Festival, Montebello, QC

For more about the Big Guava Festival, go check out their site:

big guava poster