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I’ll let other people post videos featuring famous “talking heads” talking about what’s properly identified as the “Virginia Battle Flag” and popularly (but incorrectly) called “the Confederate flag” or the “Stars and Bars”. I’m going to post this piece made by one Ronnie C. Rouse that I stumbled into on Facebook. Yes, it’s as off-the-cuff and rough around the edges as every other YouTube rant, but but I like Ronnie C’s message and style, so I’m giving him some love by sharing his video:

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Posted by Ronnie C Rouse on Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This 1950’s comic book advertisement is pretty much my life after May 1, 1999, the day I first took the accordion out on the streets:

accordion comic 01

accordion comic 02

accordion comic 03

accordion comic 04

accordion comic 05

accordion comic 06

accordion comic 07

accordion comic 08

I’m pretty sure that “no cost” promise is akin to the old “9 albums for a penny” offer from Columbia House. It doesn’t matter — the accordion is a worthwhile investment!

Thanks to Natalie Brahan for the find!



by Joey deVilla on June 22, 2015


Kill nine people in an attempt to start a race war but you’re white and hungry? That’s okay, we’ll get you some Burger King. That’s what the #CrimingWhileWhite hashtag is for!

#CrimingWhileWhite means that when your story gets featured in the news, you’re written up more sympathetically as white a killer of nine than a black savior of one:

If you’re white, the media looks for your graduation photo. If not, they look for your most gangsta one:

Walking while brown? That’s a ground-slammin':

Here’s Mr. Patel recovering in the hospital after the incident: In case you were wondering, the trial of Eric Parker, former (thankfully) police officer, was delayed for a few months because a crucial witness is out of state until September. Carry your loaded AR-15 while white through an airport, largely to be a dick about it? You’ll get some reasonable questioning, and you’ll live to complain about it: jim cooley airport ar-15 I strongly recommend not doing this if you’re any other color:

Not even with a pellet gun: tamar rice Crime is cuter when you’re white:

What does a mall cop do when an angry racist white guy threatens a bunch of pro-Palestine marchers and a black guy who’s just trying to get to his destination? Hey, why tell you when I can show you?






Raymond Wilford — he’s the black guy — took a defensive stance, but never threw a punch.





Ah, good, a mall cop! Now we’ll see some justice served.


You go, Paul Blart!



Wait, what?




Oh, sheeeeeeeit.













Here’s video shot by Alex Garland:

The shirtless white guy was never apprehended or even identified. Stuart Hind, the mall cop who maced the wrong guy got off with no charges. And Raymond Wilford will just have to deal with it.

I don’t think the cops would’ve offered Dajerria Becton — she’s the 15-year-old girl who got thrown to the ground and pinned there by (thankfully) ex-police officer Eric Casebolt at the now-infamous pool party in McKinney, Texas — some Burger King? I have my doubts.

texas pool party

You white kids go have your fun #CrimingWhileWhite. I’m going to go brush up on the advice in the videos below…

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An ultralight pilot had to cut his flight short when he found that his flying club’s cat mascot had stowed away in the wing. It’s all captured in the video above, titled Remove Cat Before Flight.

The flight starts out as expected: smooth takeoff and a climb to altitude…


…and that’s when a little head appears in the hollow space inside the ultralight’s left wing:


The cat moves closer to the cabin…


…and that’s when the pilot discovers that he has a stowaway.


He quickly comes in for a landing…


…hops out of his seat…


…reaches to extract the cat…


…but it turns out that the cat is quite capable of freeing himself.


The caption for the video reads: “Pour info le chat va très bien, il continue avec application son rôle de mascotte du club”, which translates as “FYI, that cat’s fine, he remains the club’s mascot.”


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

by Joey deVilla on June 21, 2015


I inherited a lot of Dad’s qualities. He loved to speak in public, work the room, tell jokes and stories, and hold court. He was driven to set things right and make things better. He loved helping people. And most of all, he loved putting the “Asian” in “Rabelaisian”. He was Dr. Guillermo O’Hara de Villa, Jr., he was my Dad, and I owe what I am to him. He passed away in 2006, but he’s still with us in spirit.

Happy father’s day, Dad.


How I cook pasta

by Joey deVilla on June 11, 2015

pasta and me

I don’t have this problem with rice, because I measure that stuff.


christpoher lee villains

Christopher Lee’s many villain roles: Count Dooku and Saruman (top row), and Scaramanga and Lord Summerisle from The Wicker Man (bottow row).

R.I.P. Christopher Lee, wonderfully evil movie villain, who recently died at the age of 93. You younger folks know him as Count Dooku from Star Wars: The Lesser Trilogy and Saruman from the Lord of the Rings films (he’s the only LOTR cast member to have actually met Tolkien), but he’s been a movie villain for far longer. He played characters like Dracula and Fu Manchu long before the age of CGI, and you should check him out as a superfluously-nippled Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun (which was referenced in the Kamp Krusty Simpsons episode) and virgin-sacrificing pagan in The Wicker Man, which he considered to be his best film.

In tribute to him, here’s the scene from The Wicker Man where we get introduced to Lee’s character, Lord Summerisle: