Garfield has a long history of accordion jokes. Here’s the one from today, Thursday, August 18, 2019:

Thanks to Mike van de Water for the find!

Jon’s (he’s Garfield’s hapless human) love of the accordion has been a running gag in Garfield for a long time…

I once cancelled a date after being told the exact same thing! I have my pride:

Here are the rest. Enjoy!

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Ben Sisko in scene from Deep Space Nine:' I lost my wife at the battle of Wolf 359.' - Neil DeGrasse Tyson will smug expression: 'Yeah, but statistically, more people died from faulty plasma injectors that year!'

Thanks to Star Trek Shitposting for the find!

In case you don’t get the joke, it’s a response to a regrettable tweet that Neil DeGrasse Tyson posted in response to the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio:

Screen-captured, because if Tyson has any sense, he’ll delete this tweet.
Click to view the original if it’s still online.

He’s since figured out that there’s a difference between factual and helpful:

“My intent was to offer objectively true information that might help shape conversations and reactions to preventable ways we die,” his note read. “Where I miscalculated was that I genuinely believed the Tweet would be helpful to anyone trying to save lives in America. What I learned from the range of reactions is that for many people, some information –-my Tweet in particular — can be true but unhelpful, especially at a time when many people are either still in shock, or trying to heal – or both.”

Here’s my favorite tweet in response to Tyson:

And just to be complete, here’s the battle of Wolf 359, as seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine



Photo by @MaxwellTheTige1; click to see the original. Click the photo to see the kink at full size.

I studied alongside mining engineers during my days at Crazy Go Nuts University, and yeah, they were into some pretty weird stuff.

But seriously…

Click the photo to see it at full size.

I’ll leave the explaining to the Kentucky Geological Survey:

“Kinks” and “kink zones” are fracture zones that form after mining, usually along the center of an entry, from compressive forces that cause the immediate roof strata (in shale roofs) to impinge upon each other or “kink.”


Bargain find of the day

by Joey deVilla on July 21, 2019

Click the photo to see it at full size.

The “clearance” shelves at my regular Publix are a constant source of entertainment.


This probably isn’t the right approach

by Joey deVilla on July 19, 2019

Comic from Mr. Lovenstein by J. L. Westover. Click the see the source.


This is why nobody likes philosophy majors

by Joey deVilla on July 2, 2019