I think I’ve found this year’s Halloween costume!

by Joey deVilla on February 1, 2016

googly eyes


Take a gander at the updated-for-the-21st-century incarnation of the Scooby-Doo character “Shaggy”, pictured below on the left, and a real-life hipster, pictured below on the right:

shaggy vs hipster

He looks just like the guy I buy my artisanal fair trade cold-brew coffee from!

This is part of DC Comics’ revival of a number of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, which includes Scooby-Doo. Here’s a pic of the rebooted Scooby Gang in action:

dc scooby-doo

I’m sure a lot of Gen Xers will be crying foul at this development. I, however, don’t mind. There’s nothing wrong with updating a kids’ property like Scooby-Doo to make it relevant to today’s kids (who never knew a world without broadband internet and smartphones), as long as the underlying premise of Scooby-Doo remains intact:

scooby lesson


Donald Trump of the cover of the “New Yorker”

by Joey deVilla on January 25, 2016

new yorker feb 1 2016 cover

Click the cover to see it at full size.

I thought I’d post an annotated version of the cover for those readers who are wondering who the funny faces watching Trump on TV are (given the number of Americans who went to school here who’d fail the citizenship test, there may be more than a few):

new yorker feb 1 2016 annotated cover

And in case that’s not enough, here’s a quick guide to the featured presidents:

George Washington Owned up to chopping down a cherry tree, wooden teeth, dollah dollah bill yo!
Abraham Lincoln Taught us that we should treat black people better and actors worse.
Theodore Roosevelt The reason we call those stuffed animals “teddy bears”.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt The first handi-capable president.
John F. Kennedy This.


90s band challenge

They were all staples in my DJ sets at Crazy Go Nuts University’s Clark Hall Pub. I’ll post the answers in the comments.

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frozen jack nicholson in the shining

Come on, fellow Tampanians…many of you moved here from far colder climes, and living here doesn’t actually thin your blood. Toughen up, buttercup.


Nature gives us many warning signs

by Joey deVilla on January 19, 2016

hey ladies

On the bright side, he did use “your” correctly.


The present state of the U.S./Canadian exchange rate

by Joey deVilla on January 19, 2016

look i found an american quarter

And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.