What the fit of your suit says to the world

by Joey deVilla on October 28, 2014

get ya suit game right

A number of people have recently asked me about getting a suit on a budget, and I pointed them to the guides at Primer (they also have a good one on suit and sport jackets), Everyguyed, and Dappered. They’re all good jumping-off points.

If you do have a court date, it’s doubly important that dress well. Don’t be like “Tayla the Manatee Slaya”, pictured below…

(Need the back story? Read How NOT to dress for your manatee sport-humping court date.)


halloween drinking game


actually its about ethics - jaws

Click the masplanation that it’s about ethics to see it at full size.

Need a primer on Gamergate? Start here: The Future of the Culture Wars is Here, and it’s GamerGate. Gotta warn you: it ain’t pretty.


John Oliver endorses Doug Ford for mayor of Toronto

by Joey deVilla on October 27, 2014

john oliver on toronto's election

…and of course he would! Rob’s been a gold mine of material for late-night TV comedians for the past year and a half, and Doug promises more of the same:


Advice for a Monday morning

by Joey deVilla on October 27, 2014

You’d be surprised at the number of times that taking this approach has paid off for me:

just act natural


kevin vickers painting

Click the photo to see this painting of Canadian bad-assery at full size.

And this is just when he’s in line to get a double-double at Tim Hortons and someone cuts in front of him! That’s a +10 Canadian Mace of Parliamentary Smackdown, and Vickers looks like he’s about to roll a natural 20.

Found via Imgur.

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konis hupen

I’m always trying to bring new, unexpected elements into my already-unconventional accordion playing. I may have to borrow this trick from the band Hoch Tirol, as shown in their “why is this not a viral hit?” number Konis Hupen, which spices up accordion polka with bicycle horns:

Here’s the full version of the song, with lyrics:

And in case you just can’t get enough of this catchy little ditty, here’s a seven-hour instrumental version, suitable for pranks, brainwashing, or driving someone who’s barricaded themselves into surrender: