fox news vs fox news latino

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I’ll admit it: when I see “Self-employed at Professional musician” or “Self employed at Consultant” on your LinkedIn profile, this is the first image that comes to mind:

self employed musician


guardians of the galaxy haiku review

Image from Review in Haiku. Click the photo to see it at full size.

I finally got around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with some friends this weekend, and I’m pleased to see that people behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe are continuing to work their magic with movies, even with a work featuring some of Marvel’s more obscure characters and locales: Thanos! Xandar! The Kyln! The Nova Corps! Knowhere! Even a tip of the hat to Cosmo the dog!

And of course, we can’t forget Rocket, who loves big weaponry in the comics just as much as he does in the movie…

rocket 1

…gets his share of one-liners…

rocket 2

…and has his moments of badassery, even when facing off against the biggest bad “Big Bad” in the Marvel Universe:

rocket 3

Rocket Raccoon was created in 1976 as a not-so-subtle homage to the Beatles’ Rocky Raccoon and was first showcased on the cover of a comic book in 20th anniversary issue of The Incredible Hulk in 1981:

incredible hulk 271

He’s in good company. You know who else got their first comic book cover appearance via the Hulk? This guy:

incredible hulk 181


“You said I was allowed to bring one carry-on!”

by Joey deVilla on August 13, 2014

one carry-on

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Some people will do anything to avoid paying the checked-in luggage fee.


You’re thinking of STEVE Perry, not RICK Perry

by Joey deVilla on August 8, 2014

that asshole from texas

I found the original via Tina Viligante (click the photo to see it);
I just spruced up the typesetting.


It’s Friday!

by Joey deVilla on August 8, 2014

dinner with kitty

Here’s hoping you’ve made plans.


Never say this to your sparring partner

by Joey deVilla on August 8, 2014

i didnt bring my cup

And with the fateful line “I didn’t bring my cup” begins a video that, if you’re like me — growing up on The Three Stooges and martial arts films — will bring you amusement for years to come: