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Photo: Street scene in US city. Large highway sign reads “Be safe - Mask required”, but nobody is the picture is wearing a mask.
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Baseball is no longer the national pastime; Oppositional defiance disorder is.

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Midweek memes, part 1: “Der Feuerteufel” (Literally “The Fire Devil”)

Painting: “Der Feuerteufel” (The Fire Devil”) - Trump sitting at his desk in the Oval Office holding a match, which in the window behind him, fires burn and riots take place outside.
“Der Feuerteufel” (it means “firestarter” but literally translates as “fire devil”), which appeared on the cover of Germany’s premier news magazine “Der Spiegel”. Tap to see at full size.

Last month, this painting appeared on the cover of Der Spiegel (here’s the international edition, in English), the most-read news magazine not just in Germany, but Europe as well. Its title is Der Feuerteufel (the firestarter), and its subtitle is Ein Präsident setzt sein Land in Brand (“a president sets fire to his country”).

To find out more about this magazine cover, see Ad Age’s article, Germany’s Leading Newsweekly Decries Trump’s Incendiary Approach.

Magazine cover: June 2020 edition of Der Spiegel, featuring “Der Feuerteufel” on the cover.
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I had no idea there was such a thing as cookie icing

Photo: A grocery shelf with a selection of several tubes of cookie icing.

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I snapped this photo at my local Publix. I suppose that these are for decorating or spelling out messages on those giant cookies, but I’m also sure that there are some people who buy these because cookies alone aren’t diabetes-inducing enough. You could also use these to liven up your next Catholic mass by icing those bland communion wafers.