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The video you need to watch in light of the Supreme Court vacancy

I want you to watch one video today: You Go High, We Go Low, which is one of the videos in Ian Danskin’s series, The Alt-Right Playbook. It’s especially important in light of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing.

There’s going to be a battle over filling the vacancy in the Supreme Court, and the last time that happened, we had the Republicans breaking rules (or at least going outside them, and breaking sensible norms)…

and the Democrats taking the high road, giving us this…

and this:

Danskin argues that one of liberals’ weak points is that in embracing the idea that the ends do not justify the means, they tend to overemphasize the means and forget that the ends are the actual goal.

He points out that one of the key differences that separate liberals and conservatives — and which the alt-right has weaponized — is that conservatives primarily defend beliefs, and liberals primarily defend process. In this fight, liberals are playing by Harvard debating club rules of order, and conservatives are going by the norms of prison riots.

He reminds us of this important fact:

An action has no intrinsic value wholly separate from its outcome.

Remember, when you call out a conservative, MAGAt, or alt-righter and they reply “So much for the tolerant left,” they’re try to make us play by rules that they themselves aren’t following.

What they’re really saying is:

Watch the video:

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