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“…And they have a plan.”

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I wonder why this look never caught on

It might actually be practical business attire for August here in Florida.

(Thanks to Bones for the find!)

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David Beers: Stupid, racist, or both?

It’s where Kamala Harris herself was born, not her parents, that makes her an American citizen. Beers seems to have forgotten that he himself is the descendant of “anchor babies”.

He’s also forgetten that the term — pejorative, bigoted tones aside — describes a baby with birthright citizenship.


This week, summarized in a single picture

If you don’t know what the above image is all about, just click on it. (Don’t worry, it’s safe for all audiences.)

Here’s whatI’m up to this week.

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Opening soon in Seminole Heights: Wicked Oak Barbeque!

Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligatorFor the past few months, the Florida Avenue building that housed King of the Coop and what used to be Florida Avenue Eats has been undergoing renovations. The end result is getting close: a side-by-side corner of deliciousness featuring King of the Coop’s Nashville hot chicken and new entrant Wicked Oak Barbeque’s pulled pork, pulled chicken, loaded mac and cheese and BBQ nachos.

They have a phenomenal mango barbecue sauce that works so well with their pulled pork…

…and their loaded mac and cheese is something else:

This locations puts King of the Coop and Wicked Oak a very short stumble away from Revolution Ice Cream and 82° West Distilling for drinks afterwards. I foresee some nice nights out — once we get COVID-19 under control. In the meantime, I know where I’ll be getting some take-out soon!

(For more info, see this article in Creative LoafingWicked Oak Barbecue opening new location in Seminole Heights — and follow Wicked Oak on their Facebook page.)

Internet Finds

Supercut Saturday, part two: Burger Fiction’s collection of supercuts

Burger Fiction, whose “thing” is making movies about movies, have put together an impressive set of video supercuts. Here’s a sampling.

Here’s one featuring one-liners uttered before a kill…

…and one with one-liners delivered immediately after:

This supercut will make you hungry…

…this one will make you laugh…

…and this one will make you jump out of your seat (and laugh, too, since it includes the “Large Marge” scene from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure:

This supercut features PG-rated cursing without cursing:

Here’s the first of two supercuts featuring improbable and improvised weapons…

…and here’s the second:

Internet Finds The Current Situation

Supercut Saturday, part one: All the times “Pinky and the Brain” ran for office

Here’s 9 minutes of material from Pinky and the Brain featuring the titular mice taking a political approach to their big plan: Trying to take over the world. It features lots of appearances from politics who were at large in the ’90s, many of whom are still active today.