Get your groceries done sooner this week

by Joey deVilla on April 7, 2020

Two major holidays this week / Passover (begins Wednesday, big dinners Wed/Thu) / Easter (begins Friday, big dinner Sunday)

If you were planning to do grocery shopping this week, sooner is better. There are not one, but two major holidays later this week that involve special dinners:

  • Passover, which starts tomorrow and has special dinners (Seders) tomorrow and Thursday, and
  • Easter, which starts Friday and concludes Sunday, typically with a big dinner.

These holidays mean that groceries might be busier this week. Couple this with the current hoarding behavior and multiple recommendations to try and stay in for the next two weeks because they’re going to be bad, and you should come to the conclusion that if you’re going to buy groceries this week, sooner is better.

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