If you feel that people these days are “too sensitive” or “politically correct”…

Here’s an astute observation made by Steven Trustrum for those of you who feel that people these days are “too sensitive,” “politically correct,” or “just a bunch of SJWs”:

Notice how it’s white people who tend to say “People these days are too sensitive. Remember when people could say what they want and people were thick-skinned enough to not freak out?”

Here’s the thing: Such times never existed.

What you actually remember is a time when you could be an asshole to people who society systemically discriminated against and they were too afraid to tell you that you were being an asshole because, if they did, society (including the police) would take your side and punish them for standing up to you.

What you’re experiencing now isn’t people being “too sensitive.”

You’re experiencing a time when sufficient equality exists that people can now safely tell you what an asshole you are.

Feel free to spread this screen capture far and wide:

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