July 2019


Photo by @MaxwellTheTige1; click to see the original. Click the photo to see the kink at full size.

I studied alongside mining engineers during my days at Crazy Go Nuts University, and yeah, they were into some pretty weird stuff.

But seriously…

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I’ll leave the explaining to the Kentucky Geological Survey:

“Kinks” and “kink zones” are fracture zones that form after mining, usually along the center of an entry, from compressive forces that cause the immediate roof strata (in shale roofs) to impinge upon each other or “kink.”


Bargain find of the day

by Joey deVilla on July 21, 2019

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The “clearance” shelves at my regular Publix are a constant source of entertainment.


This probably isn’t the right approach

by Joey deVilla on July 19, 2019

Comic from Mr. Lovenstein by J. L. Westover. Click the see the source.


This is why nobody likes philosophy majors

by Joey deVilla on July 2, 2019


Comic depicting an extrovert and introvert responding differently to dopamine. The extrovert says 'More! More! More!', while the introvert says 'Enough'. The caption reads 'Extroverts have a low sensitivity to dopamine, so require large amounts of it, while introverts are highly sensitive to dopamine. Too much of it makes them feel overstimulated.

An illustration from The Introvert Brain Explained. Click to see the source.

I’m not an introvert, but having been a software developer, a developer evangelist, and a manager of developers, I work with introverts all the time. I’ve come to understand not just the differences between the ways introverts and extroverts “tick”, but how to harness those differences so that we can combine our strengths to get stuff done.

If you’re an introvert from the Tampa Bay area, you may want to check out this recent Tampa Bay Times article, Are you an introvert living in Tampa Bay? You’re not alone, and there’s plenty for you to do. You’ll find some helpful tips and resources.

I should’ve known that there’d be such a thing as the introvert subreddit, but I didn’t. It’s one of the resources listed in the Tampa Bay Times article.

It then occurred to me: if there exists /r/introvert, there must also exist the subreddit for my type, /r/extrovert, right? I made a quick change in the address bar and saw this:

This seems somewhat introverted to me. And not just introverted, but full-tilt INFJ.