Google doodle of the day: Randeep Katari’s illustration for the 65th anniversary of the Quebec Winter Carnival!

Click the illustration to see it on its page.

Randeep Katari, another fixture from the Toronto scene who now lives in the U.S., made today’s Google doodle for Canada, which commemorates the 65th anniversary of the Quebec Winter Carnival. It’s a big party that always takes place in the dead of winter prior to Lent, and it’s the Quebec variant of Mardi Gras.

Randeep’s illustrations have been making a splash on the internet for some time now. You may remember his DrawNYC series, which mixed his illustrations with photographs of scenes around his neck of New York City.

You might even remember him from this blog entry from eight years ago: Five Evenings Out, from a slightly more tumultuous period in my life…

From left to right: Sean, Angus, Randeep, me, two fans.

From left to right: Angus, Randeep, Lee and Sean.

Congratulations on doing today’s Google doodle, Randeep! Go check out his work at

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