“Guns don’t kill people, BLEEDING kills people.”

by Joey deVilla on November 17, 2018

NBC news takes burying the lede to new heights with John Torres’ report, in which he says that “Bleeding is the leading cause of death at a mass shooting.” They even made a graphic to reinforce the point:

But here’s some good news, folks: you’ve got slightly worse odds than a coin flip of surviving if someone fortunate enough not to get shot can make it to your position and perform battlefield medicine on you within the time it takes to cook a soft-boiled egg:

“The teenagers are practicing the same technique I teach combat medics to use on the battlefield,” says Torres, either ignorant of or indifferent to the subtext: It’s perfectly normal to turn underage kids in a supposedly first world country into wartime battlefield doctors, because guns don’t kill people — bleeding kills people.

You can watch NBC Nightly News’ video here, as well as this segment that ran in local news in Columbus, Ohio:

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