Florida of the day: Florida woman shoots husband in testicles after he tried to take her air conditioner

by Joey deVilla on June 20, 2018

Given the heat and humidity here, a good lawyer might be able to successfully argue that her actions were justified.

Kimberly Dunn of Lake City, Florida put an air conditioner up for sale on Facebook last year. Her husband, whom she was divorcing, and his brother came home to pick it up, and a scuffle ensued. The police report says that she first sat on the unit in order to keep her her and his brother from taking it away, and when her husband tried to remove her from the unit, she attempted to shock him with a pink stun gun.

When the stun gun failed, she took a handgun and shot her now ex-husband in the testicles.

The police say that the brother shouted “You shot my brother!” and choked Dunn until she blacked out. The ex-husband took the gun and brought it with him as he checked into a nearby hospital, after which Dunn was arrested.

Dunn said that she only meant to scare her husband and that the nut-shot was an accident. She had a court date on June 14th that she missed, and she now faces an additional charge: contempt of court.

In case you were wondering, Lake City is just southeast of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refugeyes, it’s a real place! — in that part of Florida where the phrase “Paddle faster; I hear banjos” is a survival strategy.

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Very Carl Hiassen

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