Florida of the day: Audio-animatronic Trump is more inspiring and coherent than the real one, but still wears his tie like a chump

by Joey deVilla on December 19, 2017

More lifelike and inspiring than the real thing…

Watch the video below and be amazed at how inspiring — and coherent and non-racist!the newly-installed audio-animatronic version of Donald Trump at Disney World is. Even its motions and hair seem more lifelike than the actual person:

…but still wears his tie like a chump

The audio-animatronic Orange Julius Caesar has a slightly better-fitting suit than his usual illfitting ones…

…but the Imagineers took care to make sure that it’s wearing a too-long tie, just like the real person.

You’d think that going to private school and then Wharton, having a father who could provide you a “small loan of one million dollars”, and hanging out with other people who wear ties daily would mean that you know how to wear a tie, but you’d be wrong. In case you were wondering, here’s a tie length guide:

By the bye, I didn’t make up the bit about being on trial in Florida for sport-humping a manatee — it actually happened, and here’s the defendant and his tie:

“Tayla the manatee slaya” is the embodiment of a joke we told each other in university:
“Q: What do you call a townie in a tie? A: The defendant.”

The question remains: Does the audio-animatronic version of Trump tape his tie, like the real one?

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