Hurricane Irma report #3: Would you believe Irma already has musical tributes?

by Joey deVilla on September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma, as seen from space, with guitar.

As of noon on Thursday, September 7th, I can already find three musical tributes to Hurricane Irma on Youtube.

The people at Under Pressure Power Washing LLC have a side gig as dancehall DJs, if their State of Emergency Song is any indication:

Charity Shine on Me is an earnest, folksy prayer written by Chris Eschete while stuck in a hotel in Shreveport:

And finally, Juan Pastel is playing it up for laughs with Ay Irma (La cancion del Huracan Irma), which he introduces as his only — and possibly last — song. Even with my (very) basic Spanish, I found it amusing.

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