Three videos on how to ruin your life

by Joey deVilla on June 18, 2017

Here are three recent videos that will help you on your own path to ruin. Enjoy!

7 ways to maximize misery

Those of you who know me well know how bad I am at being miserable. Thankfully, I can learn, thanks to this video:

At an average rate of about one tip a minute, the entertaining CGP Grey provides these useful ways to bring about the misery you’ve been seeking:

  1. Stay still.
  2. Screw with your sleep.
  3. Maximize your screentime.
  4. Use your screen to stoke your negative emotions.
  5. Set vapid goals.
  6. Pursue happiness directly.
  7. Follow your instincts.

If these aren’t enough, you’ll want to check out the book on which Grey’s video is based: How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use.

9 ways to kill your charisma

Charlie Houpert, the “Charisma on Command” coach, will show you how to render yourself devoid of charm and social aplomb:

Charlie’s useful tips:

  • Don’t proactively introducing yourself.
  • Don’t introduce your friends when you’re in a new group.
  • Don’t talk about things that no one cares about.
  • Don’t solicit feedback that will help you improve yourself.
  • When speaking, trail off or mumble.
  • Answer questions with single words.
  • Whine.
  • Don’t put in any effort into remembering people’s names.
  • Don’t have principles.

How to ruin your life with comfort

You’ve probably seen some variation of the illustration shown in the notebook pictured below:

Discomfort often leads to action and change, and you probably don’t want that. That’s why you should seek out comfort at all costs! Leadership coach Bill Eckstrom comes oh-so-close to explaining how to do it, but ultimately fails:

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