Florida of the day: Tampa family attacked by their dog after they tried to put a sweater on it

by Joey deVilla on January 2, 2017


Click the photo to experience the Florida Dog story at full size.

Perhaps the Guerrero family were setting themselves up for trouble when they named their pit bull mix “Scarface” (but hey, it’s a very Florida name, so why not?), but they sealed the deal when they tried to put a sweater on the dog.

The dog was so upset with being made to wear a sweater that it took a lot to subdue it. In fact, it took so much that you could sing the list of measures to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas, starting with “5 gold rings”:

  • A stabbing in the head and neck,
  • a beanbag gun,
  • a taser,
  • a catch pole,
  • …and a cartridge in a trank gun!

With the exception of a couple of relatively chilly days, it’s been a warmer-than-usual December here in Tampa. The last thing a dog here needs is a sweater.


Many people believe a lot of falsehoods about pit bull terriers, so it’s worth reading this article: Pit bulls — the myths, the legends, the reality. 

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