Laphroaig’s latest ad features 3.5 hours of Andy Daly hilariously reading customers’ insults about their whisky


If you’d like some amusing background noise to help you finish off the final hours of the Friday workday, you might want to play this 3.5 hour ad featuring Andy Daly reading all insults directed toward Laphroaig single malt whiskey from its #OpinionsWelcome campaign on Twitter. I’m amazed it even got green-lighted:

For more on how the ad got made, there’s a story about it on AdWeek.

Laphroaig isn’t for everyone. If all your preference is for Glenlivet, Laphroaig is on the other end of the whisky flavor map, which is probably why a number of people liken it to tasting like “a burning hospital”:


Click the flavor map to see it at full size.

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