September 2016

The first 2016 U.S. presidential debate, in a nutshell

by Joey deVilla on September 26, 2016


Found via @HouseOfSpam. Click to see the source.

“Looks like I picked the wrong election to quit sniffing glue!”

And on the off chance you don’t get the reference…



Last Week Tonight host John Oliver and Brett Lamb’s illustration.

The two reasons are:

  1. It does a very good job of pointing out the differences between the scandals of Hilary Clinton (some of what she’s done should concern you) and Donald Trump (a lot of what’s he’s done should have you deeply worried that he’s this close to the presidency, and that’s just the stuff we know about right now), and
  2. It features a pukey illustration describing the 2016 election that was illustrated by my friend, Toronto-based artist Brett Lamb. Nicely done, Brett!

Enjoy the video:


Florida of the day: Now boarding…

by Joey deVilla on September 26, 2016


Last week, the first day of fall took place, which means the start of both cooler weather and the annual migration to Accordion State, especially by the older folks. I’ll see you guys at the pool!


Happy first day of fall from Florida!

by Joey deVilla on September 22, 2016


I came back home to my our air conditioner had broken down while we were away. For this to happen in Toronto on the first day of fall isn’t a problem. In Tampa, it’s a whole ‘nother matter…

Thanks to Andy Walker for the find!

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The workplace

by Joey deVilla on September 14, 2016


Click the photo to see it at full size.

Here’s the desk at my home office, as of 7:50 a.m.. Coffee’s done, and now I can really get rolling.


The Box of Torment

by Joey deVilla on September 13, 2016


This damned thing is a dozen paces from my window and has been going BEEP BEEP BEEP since 7:30 this morning (it’s about 11:00 a.m. now). I’d be covered under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws if I shot it, right?



For all my beer-drinking readers (and beer-brewing friends who are having trouble deciding what to make next), here’s a handy chart that’s been making the internet rounds lately.