Cat people: Here’s your Florida furniture find of the day!

by Joey deVilla on April 20, 2016

cat table

Real cat not included, but seriously, if you’re into this sort of thing,
you probably have several already.

I belong to a couple of Facebook groups where Accordion Bay locals swap and shop their pricey goods. I used them to sell my old 2011 MacBook Pro, iPad 2, and a bunch of accessories as a bundle for a nice price, and I’ve seen items that I’ve considered buying. I didn’t consider the “cat table” pictured above, but if you’d like it, the Tampa area owner’s asking US$200 (CAD$254 at the time of writing), and I will gladly make an introduction.

I’m more interested in this thing, but I’m probably picking up a replacement for Rhonda the Honda (my trusty ’98 CR-V) later this year. For $26,000 — plus the costs of mooring and maintenance — this can be yours! Once again, if you’re seriously interested, I can make an introduction:


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