December 2015

Thrillist’s “painfully honest map of Florida”

by Joey deVilla on December 30, 2015

painfull honest map of florida

In case you were wondering, I live in the area marked “Strip Clubs” — Tampa has a rep for being the peeler capital of the world, although that’s not really the case. We do have a colorful local who built an empire on exotic dancing, though.


The non-white version of “A Christmas Story”

by Joey deVilla on December 30, 2015

Comic: "A Christmas Story: The Other Side of Town". Features black son asking his mother for a Red Ryder BB gun, with mom responding "No, because a cop will shot you dead in the street. And walk."

Found via Oliver Willis. Click to see the source.

If the news about Tamir Rice wasn’t a sign that something’s terribly wrong with the state of American law enforcement, how about the fact that as of December 21st, there are 14 large police departments that killed only black people?


R.I.P. Lemmy

by Joey deVilla on December 30, 2015

rip lemmy

So long, and thanks for all the beautiful noise. On the bright side, he’s one with The Force now.

In his honor:


I knew it!

by Joey deVilla on December 28, 2015

everybody hated raymond


the ultimate laser adventure

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special edition opening crawl

Head on down to the Star Wars official site and take it out for a spin. And yes, someone’s already used it to Rickroll.


christmas on coruscant

Note that there are no reindeer. My guess is that they met the same fate as Luke Skywalker’s tauntaun.