Florida isn’t bringing its “A” game to Googling for Halloween costume ideas

by Joey deVilla on October 20, 2015

us costume searches on google

Click the map to see it at full size.

“Caveman” is a little more workable given our climate, but it’s nowhere nearly as interesting as the costume ideas that people in other states are Googling for:

  • I’m not sure why people in Indiana would want to dress up as trees, and I’m even less sure why people in Ohio want to dress up as potatoes.
  • Hey, New York, New Jersey, Washington and California: we’re not surprised.
  • Hey, North Carolina trick-or-treaters: just eat South Carolina’s trick-or-treaters!
  • South Dakota is either simply asking for costume ideas, or getting deep, philosophical, and downright meta by dressing up as a costume idea.
  • It appears that the states of Louisiana and Arkansas are going as the primary hand-held weapons of World Wars 3 and 4: “gun” and “rock”.
  • I had to look up “Doc McStuffins”, which sounded a lot like a male porn star name. It’s the name of a Disney show for kids, and its titular character, a seven year-old girl who’s a “doctor” for broken toys and doll.
  • As a friend of mine commented earlier today: “I learned something new about Texas.”
  • And finally, Illinois: “Slutty pumpkin?” Where’d that come from?

Thanks to Peach Flambee for the find!

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