August 2015

spider-man at the texas roadhouse

Just skip the origin story and open with this shot. The scene practically writes itself!


school uniform

Apparently, this is a photo taken at Cypress Ranch High School, Cypress, Texas on Monday by @cyrichbitch. A time traveller from 1983 Connecticut would feel right at home here.

Now I know why the traffic was so heavy: Unlike Canada and in the northern parts of the US, where Labor Day marks the end of summer vacation, school started this week here and in much of the south. The first day of school in Hillsborough County (which is my neck of Accordion Bay), happened yesterday.


nc sith lord 1

In Gastonia, North Carolina, there are reports of a cloaked figure wandering through a playground near an apartment complex, leaving bits of raw meat along the way. The photos above and below are supposed to the be Sith lord in question.

nc sith lord 2

The director of operations for the apartment complex’s realty company has made this more-amusing-than-he-intended statement: “We don’t know if it’s one of our residents with an interesting way of presenting themselves, or if it’s a trespasser.”

Perhaps it’s time to call in the Jedi.

emperor palpatine

Emperor Palpatine, Sith lord from Star Wars.


I’m impressed.

by Joey deVilla on August 24, 2015

accordion horse mask heels

I’ve played accordion in Central Park (the lamp posts and fence in the photo above are a dead giveaway that it was taken there). I’ve played accordion while wearing a unicorn mask. But to do both while wearing high heels? I tip my hat to you, sir or madam.

In case you wanted to see me in a unicorn mask playing accordion:


bad cop no donut


Who’s still wearing cargo shorts?

by Joey deVilla on August 23, 2015

whos still wearing cargo shorts

Click the graph to see it at full size.

The original version was done by Distractify, but I redid the typography because (a) it was terrible, and (b) They Insisted On Capitalizing Every Damned Word For No Good Reason in their version.

Thanks to Jen Woltemade for the find!


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