Video: My “Florida Man and Woman: The Heroes We Need” presentation at Ignite Tampa Bay 2015

by Joey deVilla on August 29, 2015

Here you go: it’s the video from my Florida Man and Woman: The Heroes We Need presentation at Ignite Tampa Bay 2015!

My fantastic wife Anitra shot the video at the event, which took place at the Cuban Club in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood on Thursday, August 27. I was one of 20 speakers to make a presentation in the Ignite format, where you have only 5 minutes to get your point across, and you’re backed by a 20-slide presentation where the slides advance automatically every 15 seconds. It’s challenging, and for someone like me, who feeds off speaking to crowds, it’s a thrill!


We speakers didn’t know our order of appearance until 5:00 that evening, and that’s when I’d discovered I’d been scheduled to be second last. I took this as a great compliment — at a long public speaking event, you want a strong finish and should save a couple of really engaging speakers for the end. My thanks to organizers Sean Davis and Joy Randels for believing in me!

For the super-curious, I’ve posted my slides and notes in an earlier article on this blog.

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Brent Ashley August 29, 2015 at 10:25 am

Joey, I have always regarded you as the penultimate speaker.

Margot Lewis September 1, 2015 at 12:22 am

Saw this, thought of you:

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