October 2014

sea lioning

Wondermark comic by David Malki. Click to see the source.

In a new post on Medium, Andy Baio (creator of Upcoming, former board member and CTO of Kickstarter, blogger at Waxy.org, co-founder of the XOXO Festival, and yes, a friend of mine) writes:

Two months ago today, actor Adam Baldwin was the first to use the #Gamergate hashtag on Twitter, solidifying a name for the movement that’s dominated all conversations in gaming since. Depending on where you sit on the issue, it’s either a widespread campaign of harassment against women or, actually, about ethics in videogames journalism.

Anyone who’s mentioned the #Gamergate hashtag in a critical light knows the feeling: a swarm of seemingly random, largely-anonymous people descending to comment and criticize.

I’ve been using Twitter for eight years, but I’ve never seen behavior quite like this. This swarming behavior is so prevalent, it got a new nickname — “sea lioning,” inspired by David Malki’s Wondermark comic [pictured above — Joey].

72 hours of gamergate

Also worth reading: Andy’s essay, in which he describes his findings from running an analysis of three days’ worth of tweets with the hashtags #Gamergate and #NotYourShield. His findings:

  • Most of the tweets — about 69% — were retweets.
  • Many of [Gamergate’s] proponents are using newly-created, often pseudonymous, accounts.
  • Roughly 25% of all Gamergate activity is from account created in the last two months, which is about when the whole mess began.
  • There’s little overlap between the communities. If you take a look at this closeup of a graph showing the connections, the pro-Gamergate site includes such charming Twitter accounts as RooshV (the pickup artist about whom I wrote earlier), the account for the “Red Pill” site Return of Kings, and MGTOWKnight (MGTOW is short for Men Going Their Own Way). If you wondered why the Gamergate crowd sounds a lot like the “Mens’ Rights” man-babies, it’s because their causes are aligned. I’m quite content not to get mixed in with that sorry lot.
  • The top RTed users are pro-Gamergate; the top RTed tweets are against.

The concluding statement is a good summary:

This network visualization is as good a metaphor as any for #Gamergate. Two massive, impenetrable hairballs of people that want little to do with one another, only listening to their side and firing volleys across the chasm.

Andy’s made his data available to everyone. If you’ve got the time and the data-crunching skills, you can download the data he used in CSV format or as a MySQL dump (each is about 40MB in size).


What the fit of your suit says to the world

by Joey deVilla on October 28, 2014

get ya suit game right

A number of people have recently asked me about getting a suit on a budget, and I pointed them to the guides at Primer (they also have a good one on suit and sport jackets), Everyguyed, and Dappered. They’re all good jumping-off points.

If you do have a court date, it’s doubly important that dress well. Don’t be like “Tayla the Manatee Slaya”, pictured below…

(Need the back story? Read How NOT to dress for your manatee sport-humping court date.)


halloween drinking game


actually its about ethics - jaws

Click the masplanation that it’s about ethics to see it at full size.

Need a primer on Gamergate? Start here: The Future of the Culture Wars is Here, and it’s GamerGate. Gotta warn you: it ain’t pretty.


John Oliver endorses Doug Ford for mayor of Toronto

by Joey deVilla on October 27, 2014

john oliver on toronto's election

…and of course he would! Rob’s been a gold mine of material for latenight TV comedians for the past year and a half, and Doug promises more of the same:


Advice for a Monday morning

by Joey deVilla on October 27, 2014

You’d be surprised at the number of times that taking this approach has paid off for me:

just act natural


kevin vickers painting

Click the photo to see this painting of Canadian bad-assery at full size.

And this is just when he’s in line to get a double-double at Tim Hortons and someone cuts in front of him! That’s a +10 Canadian Mace of Parliamentary Smackdown, and Vickers looks like he’s about to roll a natural 20.

Found via Imgur.