October 2014

Tonight’s Halloween costume

by Joey deVilla on October 31, 2014

canadian superhero - sergeant-at-arms

Editorial cartoon from the Halifax Chronicle Herald. Click to see the source.

Yup, I’m taking my idea and running with it. Photos to follow.


meth season

Found via Catsmob. Click the image to see the cooks at full size.


How Jedi knights take selfies

by Joey deVilla on October 31, 2014

how jedi knights take selfies

Found via AcidCow. Click the photo to see the source.


i was re-becoming a teen goth

Joseph Keckler, a New York-based performance artist, sings and plays piano in this beautiful, haunting, and hilarious opera piece in which he plays a bored office worker turning into his former goth teen self as he walks through New York City’s St. Marks Place. Listening to the piece, I thought: damn, this is pretty good!

And while we’re at it, enjoy the original 12″ single of Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead:


my stuffed animals were facing the wall

Thanks for nothing, Jian.


Yesterday evening, Anita Sarkeesian (in case you haven’t heard of her, here’s a good intro) tweeted this:

A few minutes ago as of this writing, she tweeted this picture:

anita sarkeesian sitting at the colbert report desk

Expect a lot of gnashing of teeth on parts of 8Chan, A Voice for Men, a few subreddits, and other internet hangouts for misogynerds, as well as for some butthurt guy to add Stephen Colbert’s name to the “Mangina” entry in WikiMANNia (yes, it’s a real thing).


“This one time…at chamber music camp…”

by Joey deVilla on October 29, 2014

clarinet rectal

Don’t get it? Read it again, very carefully.

The moral of this story: always proofread your work. And use lots of lube.

Thanks to Peach Flambee for the find!