You’re thinking of STEVE Perry, not RICK Perry

that asshole from texas

I found the original via Tina Viligante (click the photo to see it);
I just spruced up the typesetting.


It’s Friday!

dinner with kitty

Here’s hoping you’ve made plans.


Never say this to your sparring partner

i didnt bring my cup

And with the fateful line “I didn’t bring my cup” begins a video that, if you’re like me — growing up on The Three Stooges and martial arts films — will bring you amusement for years to come:


Quite possibly the most Florida headline ever: “Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates”

overseas highway florida keys

Creative Commons photo by Satish S. Click to see the source.

definitely floridaPictured above is the beautiful Overseas Highway — “the highway that goes to the sea” — which links the Florida to its island keys over its length of over 100 miles. It’s the route you’d take if you were driving to Key West, recently described in Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 10 best small cities in America.

When driving through one of the most scenic roads on the continent, you could to choose to look around, take in the double beauty of nature and engineering, open the window and breathe in the ocean air, and look at the stunning cloud formations that come as a result of the Gulf Stream.

Or you could shave your pubes.

florida kitty shave

Indiana native Megan “Plucky” Barnes, better known on Twitter as “Pubic Enemy Number One” was travelling with her ex-husband Charles Judy to visit her boyfriend in Key West. State Trooper Gary Dunick, the officer who arrested her, said that she “wanted to be ready for the visit” and decided to multitask by shaving her bikini area while driving.

Below-the-belt landscaping requires a certain amount of focus, so Barnes, in an attempt to be a safe driver, enlisted her ex-husband, who was siting in the passenger seat, to hold the wheel steady during the more delicate parts of the procedure. I’ve heard of being on good terms with your ex-spouse, but this a bit extreme.

When a SUV ahead of them slowed down to turn, they plowed right into it. Two of its passengers had minor injuries as a result of the crash.

Barnes was driving with a suspended license and had already been convicted the day before for driving under the influence, so the ex-couple decided to not to stick around. They exchanged seats in order to make it appear as if Charles Judy was driving. The problem was that in the crash, only the passenger-side airbag had fired, and Judy had burns on his chest from its deployment.

When asked why she didn’t brake when she saw the SUV slowing down to turn, Barnes’ response had a very “Florida” quality to it: “I told you, I was shaving.”

She was charged with driving with a revoked license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and driving with no insurance.


Accordion Monday (a couple of days late): Steve ‘n’ Seagulls cover AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”

ac dc accordion

Work’s and hunting down wedding venues have been keeping me pretty busy lately, and one of the things that fell by the wayside was Accordion Monday, the series of posts where I feature a wonderful accordion tune. Here it is, even if it’s a couple of days late.

Steve ‘n’ Seagulls is a Finnish band who specialize in playing some down-home bluegrassy covers of hard rock tunes. Their latest YouTube release is a cover of AC/DC’s last bona fide anthem, their 1990 single Thunderstruck, complete with what it always needed: an accordion solo (my feeling is that every AC/DC tune needs an accordion solo, however):

If the accordion looks a little odd to you, it’s likely because it’s a Finnish accordion. The Finns have made the accordion their own, having come up with their own button layout, with which I’m not familiar.


When “FOX Nation” makes signs, hilarity and spelling mistakes ensue

These photos were snapped by Jefree Shalev, who saw these in rural Georgia:

libety or tranny

Photo by Jefree Shalev. Click the photo to see it at full size.

Well, at least they spelled one word out of three correctly.

wheres the job obama liar

Photo by Jefree Shalev. Click the photo to see it at full size.

They preach freedom, personal responsibility, self-reliance and getting “gub’mint” out of your lives, but when the rubber hits the road, they quickly switch to WHERES MAH JERB, YOU KENYAN MUSLIM LIAR?!


The world’s most expensive tinfoil hat

gold room

The Helpful Habits of the Tech Elite infographic lists a number of well-known and not-so-well-known techies and what they do to stay inspired. Most of them make some sort of sense — brainstorming with a whiteboard, listening to music, having a daily routine, measuring one’s life in order to better manage it, and so on.

The stand-out in this list is Yoshiro Nakamatsu, a.k.a. “Dr. NakaMats”, who has over 3000 patents in his name and whose claimed inventions run the gamut from the floppy disk to a self-defense wig that you can swing at an attacker (how has this not ended up as a prop in a Jackie Chan fight scene yet?). His way to stay inspired? Relaxing in his “calm room”, which is gold-plated to block out radio signals that interfere with creativity. Dude, that’s just a very large, expensive tinfoil hat.