Rejected wedding theme #1: “Catch the camo craze!”

catch the camo craze

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Here’s a theme that the Future Missus vetoed on upon seeing it: the hunting camo-themed wedding, complete with the catchphrase “The hunt is OVER!”. I’m rather fond of the deer-head toothpicks and the beer cozy: the last thing I want at my wedding is goopy barbecue sauce-covered fingers (okay, maybe for the wedding night) and a warm Miller High Life.

If this sort of thing is your speed, point your browser to Oriental Trading and get them to send you a catalog, or search their site for “camo”.

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Oh, I remember, back when I was a letter carrier for USPS, delivering about a zillion of the Oriental Trading catalogs. Or, as we usually referred to them, the “Tons O’ Crap” catalogs.

Oriental Trading is great if you ever need crap for a luau or Halloween party. They have all sorts of leis, inflatable palm trees, fake candy maggots, glowing skulls, and so on. I shop on their web site now and then and always appreciate their weird merchandise and stupid cheap prices.

As for a camo wedding theme, why not? I know couples who love to fish and some who love to hunt together. I assume the latter wear his and hers camouflage outfits now and then. Hey, if you’re a couple whose idea of a good time is skulking around a clearing off some overgrown path and waiting, waiting, waiting for a deer to show up at the waterhole, then this kind of thing is probably romantic.

Hey, it takes all kinds, and venison is good eating.

Kaleberg: Hey, I was all for a camo wedding; it was the fiancee who was dead-set against the idea, even though she’s the one who grew up in Texas and North Carolina.

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