This sperm-extracting machine is both mesmerizing and disturbing to watch

by Joey deVilla on June 26, 2014

sperm extracting machine

The website I (Effing) Love Science featured this machine designed to extract sperm from donors yesterday, along with a video of it running “unmanned”. It’s both mesmerizing and disturbing:

The video appears to have been shot in a hospital hallway. I hope for the donors’ sake that it was put there only for display, and that this isn’t its usual location.

Since it’s a machine that has very close contact with rather sensitive body parts, it should undergo regular safety inspections. I can think of no one more qualified for the job than this guy:

guy trapped in giant vagina statue

“Sperm-extracting machine” reminds me of this old tune by The Cult. Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’ll close with its video:

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Carson T. Foster July 4, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I’d never seen The Cult’S LRM video before.
I think I’ve been blessed.
Puffy Shirts, big hair…
Where do I sign up?

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