Three new videos about Rob Ford

by Joey deVilla on February 5, 2014

peter griffin on a computer

IM THE MAYOR DEAL WITH IT 2If you’re on Facebook, you’re probably aware of the “Look Back” movies that it’s generated using your photos and most “liked” posts. You can check out mine, which makes me look like a bacchanalian ladies’ man who plays the accordion, drinks a lot, gets invited to all the best parties, and likes The Smiths and Star Trek. All of which are absolutely true.

What would Rob Ford’s “Look Back” movie look like? I suspect something like this:

Here’s another video, created by Toronto filmmaker Kelly Manchester, which beautifully overlays Rob Ford quotes, both in visual and audio form, over shots of Accordion City:

Here’s one more, which is done in the style of the Conservative Party of Canada’s ads:

I suspect that there’ll only be more of videos as October — when Toronto’s mayoral election will take place — draws closer. The National Post has taken note of these videos, suggesting that a “civilian-led shadow Toronto mayoral campaign is well underway”.

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