In case you haven’t seen it yet: “The Hungry Games”, starring Cookie Monster as “Cookieness Evereat”

the hungry games

This may be Sesame Street’s best parody since Spider-Monster the Musical and Mad Men: The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, with Cookie Monster playing the part of “Cookieness Evereat”. I saw the parody last week, but after seeing Catching Fire last night, it’s even better.

ever in your flavor

“And may the cookies ever be in your flavour.”

They do a killer job referencing even the tiniest design elements from the movie.

cookies i volunteer

“Cookies?! Me volunteer!”

Cookie Monster is high-larious in a brunette wig, especially when he says “Being strong heroine of entire franchise hard work!”.



The only thing better would be to get Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence to perform this skit, complete with Cookie Monster’s lines, in a blue furry outfit. I’m sure an internet petition for this has already started.


Ah, yes: the fog.

Here’s the video — enjoy!

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