Lupo the Butcher (the HQ version)

by Joey deVilla on September 7, 2013

lupo the butcher

I was first introduced to the cartoon short Lupo the Butcher one night at what was then called The Diamond Club (it became the Phoenix Concert Theatre in 1991). They played it on the giant screen hanging over the dance floor as an excuse to introduce a break in the music at 12:30 so that they could announce last call, back when you had to stop serving booze at 1 a.m., and over time, it became a sort of ritual to mark the approach of closing time. It was crude, full of cartoon gore, swear-tastic, and to me, downright funny.

Someone’s upload a high-quality version of Lupo the Butcher to YouTube, and I thought I’d share it here.

Be warned: There’s profanity and cartoon gore galore in this cartoon — it might not be safe for your workplace!

Lupo went on to star in a Converse commercial:

Lupo the Butcher’s creator, Danny Antonucci, went on to create the very odd (and not very well-received) Brothers Grunt, which started airing on MTV in 1994:

and then went on to the Cartoon Network with a hit you might recognize: Ed, Edd and Eddy

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