This Might be the First Breakup Recorded on Vine

never vine your arguments

This is either an example of a relationship ending amidst the worst smartphone etiquette or an incredibly inspired comedy skit, but it doesn’t matter because it’s high-larious. I’m impressed with the kind of stories you can tell with Vine videos, even with the 6-second limit:

Be warned if you turn on the sound: there’s swearing. You might want to throw on some headphones if you’re at work or around the young’uns.

If you can’t turn on the sound right now, the guy’s soon-to-be-former girlfriend is saying: “You liked her fucking picture on Instagram, you followed her on Instagram…are you fucking Vining?”, after which she delivers a much-deserved smack to the back of his head.

Following or “liking” some other girl’s photo on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media site may not be cheating, but it’s a bad idea to exacerbate a situation by recording it. This may sound strange coming from a guy whose bread and butter is mobile devices, but sometimes you have to put down the damned phone.

The video has been duplicated on YouTube by the curators of The Vinest, who collect the best Vines:

Thanks to Samantha B. Clarkzilla for the find!

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Hilarious video, but “much deserved”? Hah. I think violence for following an ex on instagram is a little much. I don’t think my gf would be okay with me smacking her around for doing that 😉


Jeremy: I think the power dynamic between men and women is still tilted enough in men’s favour that a light whack on the back of a man’s head from a woman is small potatoes on the abuse spectrum. There’ve been times when the only way I’ve been able to get through to another dude who was being a dick and far too self-absorbed to notice was via “percussive non-verbal communication”.

So, violence is only permitted when the aggressor is a woman.

Lovely double standard you have going on there.

“Much deserved”? No hitting him in the head because he liked a girl on Instagram is not worthy of abuse.

Also how do you know he didn’t record this because she has a history of losing her shit unnecessarily and even getting abusive? Are you saying the taxi driver who records trips and used it to prove that he didn’t assault a woman who falsely accused, is wrong for recording these events?

Also Jeremy to say that female-on-male violence is ok simply because women don’t hit as hard is a disgraceful opinion. Domestic Violence is never ok, regardless of the situation and gender.

I would also argue that the power dynamic is tilted towards women because people like you accept female-on-male violence but would probably demonize and call for the arrest of a male hitting a woman.

I can’t agree with you there. There shouldn’t be a “but I had a good reason” exception for anyone hitting their partner, regardless of the genders involved. People need to keep their hands to themselves, and as I say to my kids USE YOUR WORDS.

Given that domestic violence is not a one way street and that women commit DV as much as men do, you can create whatever cute little euphemisms you like but it doesnt change the fact that abuse is abuse. Abuse also invariably escalates over time. what may be a “harmless slap” today, will be a frying pan tomorrow or a knife the day after that. Add to that the power of the state that she can wield against him thanks to the Duluth Model of domestic violence and Primary Aggressor policies that default to arresting the male in domestic violence calls.

Big respect to Joey for allowing dissenting opinions in his comments section. Free expression, and free thought.


“And a big welcome to the Reddit Men’s Rights gang. Feel free to opine, that’s what this space is for; let’s just keep things civil.”

way to ignore the issue and bring up some lame strawman, then out of nowhere, “let’s just keep things civil” when no one has been un-civil.

Ultimately, I think we need to be able to laugh at this kind of thing every now and then. I lost my shit when that bus driver totally clocked that girl who was abusing him on his bus after all. So fairs fair gang!

How are you going to ask for civility here while condoning the clearly uncivil actions of that young woman?

Regardless of any slant you see in the power dynamic between males and females, that young woman had no right or place putting her hands on that young man as far as this video shows. Further, there’s also no responsibility on the part of that young man, to that young woman, to not record in any fashion he sees fit, part of his life. Though I could see the message of “put down the damned phone” making sense given the fact that it appears as if he was driving while doing so.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where someone has physically accosted you and you felt if it was “much-deserved”?

I think it’s ridiculous that you would make such a judgement that the young man in this video was somehow asking to be hit, when as far as anyone can see he was not attempting to physically (or in the video, verbally) attack that young woman.

The host is being very polite, please don’t be a dick to him if you (and I) think he is wrong.

But yeah, the power dynamic with regards to DV is tilted towards women due to the state and society viewing them as the default victims.

Also the strength argument is bizarre. If I smack my girlfriend, the judge wont really accept the excuse of “I only hit her at half strength – that’s woman levels, maan!”.

Lastly, you just can’t raise a non-violent society by excusing the violence on half of the population. Statistics say that a large majority of DV goes both ways. So you will probably decrease a lot of violence directed at women if you decrease the violence committed by women.

Joey: First thank you for the kind welcome; civil discourse is always a good thing to partake in. If you don’t mind I would like to probe your viewpoint a bit: You say that the power dynamic is still tilted towards men, could you clarify what you mean by this? Do you perhaps feel it is due to the literal difference in physical strength between men and women and if so do you feel it is appropriate for men to use “percussive non-verbal communication” in situations where the man is physically weaker than the woman? If not could you clarify what constitutes a difference in power dynamic?

Hi there,

I’m a huge fan of Joey’s blog. I don’t think of myself as a “Men’s Rights activist”. And yet, I don’t think “much deserved” is correct here.

My rule is: it’s justifiable only if it also works if the genders are reversed.

My first reaction to the animated gif was (“LOL. Stupid guy”). But then when I imagined the same scene being protagonized by a girl it looked very wrong. Even if the girl was so stupid, her boyfriend shouldn’t have smacked her head like that.

I’m aware that the smack didn’t do any physical damage. But it’s still violence and should not be encouraged. Both people in that video have something to be ashamed of. The guy, for being such an ass. The girl, for resorting to violence, and also for being with such an ass in the first place.

I will dare anyone here who doesn’t agree to a Street Fighter IV match. I play Dan Hibiki and can defend myself.

There’s no way that smack could have even hurt. “men’s rights” bahah sorry but there’s so much sexism and oppression toward women STILL today that’s what you get with your man’s world. DEAL.

Hitting someone else is never okay. With that said, were the genders reversed, this would be absolutely, unequivocally, all-caps-required NOT COOL, whereas when it’s a woman smacking her man upside the head, it’s just something you shouldn’t do (especially when the guy’s driving).

It’s a double-standard, but when you consider that on balance, all the double-standards that exist combine to favour guys in general, I’m willing to let this one slide.

Much deserved smack to the head…
Should you be willing to prove you are not operating on hypocritical double standards, when would be smacking a woman “deserved”?
Many women are oppressed, ergo you get to hit men and men have to deal with it? Don’t expect anybody with a minimum of moral sense to take you seriously.

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